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Jim Graham Gets Pasted @ 18th and Columbia Road NW

Pictures sent in by a helpful reader:

jim clown 2

jim clown

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  • Thom

    To associate Jim Graham with clowns is to flatter him.

  • Brian

    This is remarkably juvenile.

  • Anonymous

    Sure it is, but JG is also acting remarkably juvenile by continuing to stand beside an "adjudicated batterer." I mean come on!

  • candycane1

    From the musical

    Send in the clowns
    There ought to be clowns
    Don't bother they're here!!!!!

    I want one of those for my yard!!

  • Brian

    @Anonymous: "I mean come on!" Now THAT'S a reasoned argument.

  • Fred

    Who did it?

  • Trippy

    From an artistic perspective, I like them. It captures what you'd experience if you took LSD and attended a DC Council session.

  • Concernedaboutdc

    To some it is juvenile to others it is freedom of speech. The latter trumps.

    Jim Graham is getting what he deserved years ago.