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I Saw Jack Evans Breaking the Law

Yesterday morning, I perked up as I spotted good ol' Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans driving onto P Street NW, presumably headed for a tough day of council labor. I waved to the guy but got no acknowledgment.

Perhaps he didn't see me, and for a bad reason: He had a cell phone planted in his left ear!

Fine that councilmember, please. After all, he should know damn well that his very employer—the D.C. Council, that is—passed a hands-free driving bill that sought to outlaw just this scenario.

The hypocrisy factor, however, is a bit mitigated by this statement from Evans, issued at the time the hands-free thing passed: "I am not a fan of this law, but it's inevitable with the technological advances we constantly see. I only hope this law will produce a decrease in accidents caused by distractions." Evans did vote for the legislation; its lone dissenter was Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham.

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  • IMGoph

    erik: you and i both know that the councilmembers of this city believe that laws do not apply to them? why bother?

  • Jamie

    I can accept the fact that the councilmembers don't bother with this law. At least this guy is honest and said he doesn't like it.

    But when it comes to the guys actually writing the $100 tickets? Nothing grinds my gears more than getting a ticket for something that cops do more than anyone else.