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Our Morning Roundup: Hipsters Discover Skeeball

oldSkeeballThe Heights Life is pumped about the new fountain on 14th Street providing  pictures, a slideshow, and a written item. DCist has reporting from the opening of the finally completed plaza. Councilmember Jim Graham did not comment on the on-going-ness of the fed's bribery investigation which has already netted his Chief of Staff Ted Loza. There are more important things to talk about like fountains constructed across the street from a Target.WaPo couldn't get Fenty to comment about the bribery mess either.

Frozen Tropics reports that H Street Country Club will be the site of  a Skeeball League. Is skeeball the next kickball? The next ping pong?

Georgetown Metropolitan reports on the return of a smelly pandemic.

Borderstan warns to watch out for a mugger in business attire (complete with briefcase). Blog also reports crime is way up in Borderstan over the last two months.

The New Teacher on the Block gets a surprise e-mail.

Pop Cesspool thinks Bruce Willis should be noted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Got to love the Hipster. What's next? Tiddly winks? Lincoln logs? Strip Twister® is a lot of fun...

  • Elissa

    H Street's skeeball lacks tickets and cool prizes like the ones at the beach, making it slightly less fun.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Yep, skeeball is most fun with tickets & cool prizes. I like how it takes 200 tickets to get the big prizes, but you can get little five toys for 30 tickets.

    The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver will have skeeball. The Australians are at the top of the sport, just like surfing. Living near the beach is key.

  • dc

    theres virtually nothing hipster about h street country club. you been there? you'll see what i mean.