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Our Morning Roundup: Taxi Cab Confessions

Good morning City Desk readers, and welcome to the first Fall Freedom Friday! Or something! So: Ted Loza. Smart cat. Why? Well, because if his boss' claims are true, Loza got money for nothing. Per the excellent reporting of one Mike DeBonis, Mr. Jim Graham has claimed Loza had nothing to do with cab regulations that are being put into place: "Going one step further, I had never had any conversation with Teddy Loza where he came to me and he said, ‘Will you do this or will you do that?", Graham said.

Does this mean that Loza promised someone taxi cab regulation in exchange for money after he knew the regulation was going to be approved regardless of his influence? If so, that's brilliant and appalling. Then again, Graham could be lying his head off. Note to bribe-easy pols, we need more cabs with fewer regulations. Why? Because people need jobs and I NEED RIDES AND NOT THE KIND AT THE CARNIVAL.

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra's remaining fans are over at our new blog, the Arts Desk, sulking and waiting for an apology. I made fun of their nuts, you see, and they're not happy. Also, I am not going to apologize.

For all you bicyclists who can't seem to stop at red lights (urm, that's me as well, so don't shit your lycra), a harrowing story:

After two hours of deliberation, a jury Tuesday found a Denver Police officer not guilty of using excessive force by slamming a man's face into the ground and breaking his teeth, even though the event was caught on videotape.

Heaney, who was riding his bike past Coors Field on his way to see his mother in a hospice, claimed [Officer] Cordova and other undercover police officers pulled him off his bike, kicked, punched and beat him, then slammed his face into the ground, breaking two front teeth. He says all this happened while he was on his stomach about to be handcuffed.

Whole thing here. H/t to Radley Balko.

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  • Anonymous

    Ted was/is Jim's Chief of Staff...according to Jim he had come to trust Ted in the hell did they not have one stinking conversation about a piece of legislation that is as big as the medallion legislation. I call bullsh*t on Jim stating that they never spoke at all about this. I mean COME. ON!!! A councilmember doesn't speak to his chief of staff about a major piece of legislation?! Puh-lease...

  • Ted Scheinman

    This is the better take of that Dire Straits song, methinks.

  • Grow up

    Seriously, are you even old enough to drive yet? It's obvious you have the musical knowledge of a child. I'm just wondering if you really are a child. You sure as hell aren't a journalist. I'm glad you're not a fan of TSO. They have classy fans and you aren't classy. You wouldn't fit in with the TSO fanbase. Maybe you'd fit in with the Spongebob lovers.

  • Mike Riggs

    vroom vroom!