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Morning Roundup: The Magic of Fall Edition


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AMAZING story by Paul Duggan this morning about horrorcore rap, goth, murder, and part-time preaching. In Farmville, Va.! (Hey Spin, 2009 called and it wants 1999 back! Get Mark Schone! Get Mike Rubin to do a sidebar! Get me if those guys are busy! It's time to get the band back together!)

After the jump: No way lynching this Census employee related to carefully stoked nutball rage; Caps, Nats win; Terry Wogan standing next to a cake of Terry Wogan.

Ruh roh! You don't think all that birther/9/12/teabaggin'/townhallin' had anything to do with this horrific murder, do you? Oh don't be ridonkulous!  (HT: Federal Eye) Also, this just in, dead body in SW.

Caps win! (Wait, it's hockey season?) Nats win! (Wait, McKenna was right?) Zorn and Campbell not so bad! (Dan Steinberg's new niche: Skins con-wiz challenger.)

ANNALS OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR DEPT: Here is a photo I took this morning at the entrance to Rock Creek Park on Calvert Street NW. As you can see, the entrance is blocked off. Why? Who knows! But here are people not just ignoring the sign, but LINING UP TO IGNORE THE SIGN. They can't go down the hill—Park Police have blocked off the road further down, too. Why do people assume "DO NOT ENTER" means "EVERYONE BUT YOU, OF COURSE"?

rockcreekFinally, if you are British or love someone who is, you probably watch the Eurovision Song Contest whenever you can. (Or is that just me?) ANYWAY, here is a picture of longtime Eurovision presenter Terry Wogan next to a life-sized cake of himself. #WEIRD!

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  • Dave

    The parkway is blocked off because during rush hour all of its four lanes go in the same direction. These people were lining up for the opportunity to drive right into oncoming traffic!

  • Jamie

    Andrew: "Here is a photo I took this morning "

    Dave: "The parkway is blocked off because during rush hour all of its four lanes go in the same direction.

    Rock Creek Parkway goes southbound in the morning, so this is not normal. They were probably lined up because they go that way every single day. Their zombie-like commuter mind could not fathom it being closed.

    I am not saying that excuses ignoring the sign, but it's not as crazy as trying to go through some random do-not-enter sign.

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  • FarmVille Guide

    Thanks for this post. Farmville is just awesome

  • Raisa Basch

    Im not sure about all the attention around farmville. I know one thing for certain if you have tons of free time to spend then thats the game for you :) My cousin is taken up with it . Fine blog by the way