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Council Hosts CBC Reception Tonight

For the second year in a row, Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray is hosting a snazzy affair at the Park at 14th to celebrate the Congressional Black Caucus' annual legislative conference. Ultra-slick invites to this evening's event have been handed out to councilmembers for distribution.

Gray spokesperson Doxie McCoy confirms that the arrangements are the same as last year: Park at 14th owner and prolific campaign contributor Marc Barnes is paying all the expenses, with the understanding that he'll make them back in bar receipts.

There is one delicious political twist this time.

Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. has announced that at the event he will "acknowledge and honor...with ceremonial resolutions" both civil-rights legend Dorothy Height and famed poet Maya Angelou.

They, of course, are the same Dorothy Height and Maya Angelou who have been unable to get a meeting with Mayor Adrian M. Fenty regarding their support for Cora Masters Barry's continued tenure at the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center.

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  • Truth Hurts

    It's not a "delicious political twist", it's a "nauseating political twist". Are Vince "one city" Gray and Harry "just call me Marion" Thomas also accepting campaign contributions?

  • Martin

    "Marc Barnes is paying all the expenses, with the understanding that he’ll make them back in bar receipts."

    Huh? I went and it was open bar. Unless people stuck around after it ended and started paying for booze, I can't see how Barnes would make any money off of the party.

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  • Downtown Rez

    Yet another off the books campaign donation. Must be nice to lip service to ethics while knocking back free booze for you and and XXXX of your closest friends and voters.