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An “Absolutely Stunning” Way to Build a Movie-Poster Blurb


The Way We Get By is almost certainly a marvelous movie, at least judging from Mike Riggs' review, which ran in our Silverdocs issue (6/12). The producers of the movie liked Riggs' review so much they excerpted it on their movie poster, an excerpt of which you can see above. Interesting thing about that review, though: Riggs never said "Absolutely stunning" in it (regardless, I am absolutely stunned I didn't kill such wildly gushing copy when I had the chance).

To find that part of this quote, you have to turn to Riggs' morning roundup from Thursday, June 11. He wrote then:

As for me, I got pretty choked up watching The Way We Get By, and can’t think of a single friend, family member, or down-on-his-luck stranger to whom I would not recommend this film. Absolutely stunning. And Trimpin opened my eyes to the joys of reviewing movies while high sound installations.

I had to ask. He says "I had smoked a little bit before I watched" The Way We Get By, but swears he was stone-cold sober when he wrote that ringing endorsement.

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  • Aron Gaudet

    Of course, nowhere on the poster does it say those words came from the Mike Riggs review... only that they are words attributed to Mike Riggs that he wrote about the film-- which he did.

    I am so sorry we chose to take two quotes from Mike Riggs and put them together. I'll have to look and see if that has ever happened on another poster before. I hope you have the chance to see "The Way We Get By" some day, and I hope you are absolutely stunned by it.

    Aron Gaudet
    Director, The Way We Get By

    P.S. - You should show the entire poster the next time. It's misleading to show people only an excerpt from it.

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  • Amit

    Nice way to write a poster describing about the film. I usse to watch film on Showbox android app