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Breaking: Judge Grants Restraining Order Stopping Wish List Eviction

This just in from Loose Lips correspondent Mike DeBonis: A D.C. Superior Court judge just moments ago granted a temporary restraining order stopping the eviction of Cora Masters Barry's Recreation Wish List Committee from its home at the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center. The order comes about a month after the administration of Mayor Adrian M. Fenty gave an eviction notice to the group based on the group's failure to keep its nonprofit registration up to date.

More updates to come.

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  • Q

    Is this truly the end of the Fenty machine? The Superior Court has great disdain for this administration. Fenty could've resolved this expeditiously but instead made Nickles the hatchetman.

    Watch Wemple as the eviction gets overturned altogether and dismissed as a technical error.

    Are you not looking at the other BIG news story of DC, Fenty has suspended vehicle safety inspections from October 1, on for private vehicles, just to save $400k. $400k versus DC drivers getting to keep raggedy cars on the choose.

  • Ward 5

    Q - even if the eviction gets overturned Nickles, in keeping up with his norm will appeal the decision. Repeatedly...

  • Q

    @Ward 5, With 1 year to go (hopefully) that's at least 2 appeals or continuances right? LOL!

  • DRK

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