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This Just In: Gingrich’s Dinner Invite to Pornographer Was Real! But It’s Been Rescinded!

newt gingrich porn 2I just got a note from Dan Kotman, spokesman for Newt Gingrich's American Solutions for Winning the Future PAC, in response to my blog post about his boss naming a pornographer his choice for the "Entrepreneur of the Year Award."

After reading the City Desk post, Gingrich has officially withdrawn the award and dinner offer to Allison Vivas, president of the adult film operation Pink Visual.

"We have notified Allison Vivas that the notice she received was sent by mistake," Kotman says. "We regret the error."

Oh, well. Guess there won't be any follow-up posts on this topic. So I might not ever again have the chance to insert porno graphics onto this blog, or link "Newt Gingrich" with such Vivas' gems as Desperately Seeking Cock, House Wife Bangers, Memoirs Of A Gusher, Teen Anal Pounding, Pure Cherry Girls, Teens For Cash, Spit Swappers, etc.


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  • MyLifeInKenya

    Yeah, sent by mistake. How did Neut get the porno company's address in the first place?

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  • mark scoular

    Gingrich and his lack of research as well as simple Google skills continues to amaze me. This guy contradicts himself every other day and then denys he says something while forgetting there is video up on YouTube. His brain is stuck in his glory days before Viagra.

  • Nigel P

    Yeah, right. Sent to her, with her correct job title, at her correct fax number "by mistake".

    Republicans just love taking responsibility.

  • JazzDrummer7

    And I accidentally named my daughters Heather and Nicole....It would require a state-of-the-art sewage plant to handle all the crap that comes out of the GOP...

  • http://none Neal Norvell

    Newt is a great representative for the Conservative base and a great role model for our youth. Endorsing the pornography industry just might send a message out to America that the staunch white collar crackers are starting to change.

  • Sam

    Wow what a cool scam. Contact hundreds of businesses and tell them they won an award. Have them pay to have dinner with Newt and then have them give Newt a donation for being grateful.

    Imagine virtually every business can now qualify for

  • Newd Gingrich

    Come on people. He's a Republican. It would take him 4 more decades to figure out how to use his brain. They atroophy from lack of use.

  • Jim Salino

    Newt arranging a one-on-one dinner with an attractive woman? Now I'm worried that his current wife might have cancer.

  • Carolynn

    Shame on you for defaming this man. He's no Saint, but he certaintly would not give an award of this nature to a porn star.

    Shame, shame, shame on you.

  • Ajax Young

    The product has nothing at all to do with the award (and even less to do with the dinner invitation.) Newt is full of tihs as always.

  • http://InternetExplorer Rocco Rotondo

    Typical republican all they talk about is sex. Thank God McCain did not win.

  • Chuy McTaggart

    I would like to know how a mistake like this could be made. It just doesn't make any sense. Was this a Ted Kennedy suggestion?

  • BlueCollarJane

    It was a standard business transaction, Newt Gingrich is a political whore and Ms. Vivas employs whores. It was a perfect fit.

  • Erv

    Under the circumstances, wouldn't it be more appropriate to say that Gingrich has, er, "withdrawn" the invitation?

  • Mark

    This is the christian right for you.Look at Nevada's senator John Ensign,his father CEO of a major Las Vegas Casino paid his whore off and Johnny was constantly calling for President Clintons head .All these Republican are Phony sex nuts.I am sorry to say i was part of that party once now i am a independent,forever. Newt has been a Porn whore all is life and if you remmeber divorced his wife while she was in the hospital bed.Now that is a real republican man.

  • Fred54

    with apologies to Dean Martin — his pornograph was broken.

  • M.E.

    Wonder if Newt was able to get laid before he had to rescind the award?

  • dave

    Where did he get the lady's name and address? It sure wasn't off a Snow White DVD case.

    Looks like the Newtster got caught with his "pants" down on this one.

    Let's hope for videos...

  • lmd

    This "Entrepreneur" award is a Newt Gingrich scam. They call hundreds of businesses with the news that they have been selected for this phony award and then after the get the business owner/ceo all feeling all good and proud they drop the bomb that this requires a generous donation to Newt's PAC. I work for a casino and our ceo got this call last week. They must have gotten lots of rejections to have to start calling porn companies.

  • Billy Bob of Atlanta

    Those of us who live in Atlanta know Newt can never run for President. He has too many skeletons in the closet and yet keeps cramming in more!

    WTF? He is teaching at nearby Kennesaw College and can't keep his hands off the cute young things! Around here, it's an open secret.

    Don't tell anyone, but that's why he did not run for President in 2008 and he never can.

    Billy Bob of Atlanta

  • Lee Allen

    Newt has his head in the sand and doesn't know how he is perceived by the public. He is a has been so we are all safe for the future. Keep him around-----he's good entertainment.

  • rad21

    What did Pink Visuals do for Newt to win his intended award?

    In addition to cash contribution, was there any triagulation between Newt, Pink Visuals and C-street residents? The Repub love to network and Newt with his PACs is the center of network.

  • hoser

    Yeah, mistake- mistake because they sent the award to the wrong pornographer. Uncle Newtie is Catholic, right?

  • hoser

    Carolynn- take a good look at what you said. If you still feel that way then Uncle Newtie will present you with a nice, shiny Republican hat.

  • StephenK

    Newt needs all the nude helps he can get for the 2012 run. It is not rare but understood. One of GOP disgusting figures.There are a bunch followed him.

  • Jacopo Belbo

    not that this story isn’t fantastic (and hilarious) but you really should have sat on it (and tried to get everyone else to sit on it) because the story you COULD have written to go with the picture of Newt and Ms. Porntress at their “intimate” awards dinner would have been a million times more EPIC! (and epic FAIL for them) I guess you’d have to say you blew your wad too soon. A little premature ejournalation. (no no … ejournalation mature, wise learned man who does the cleaning up ejournalation)

  • http://Citydesk William Hill

    A lot of good joining the Catholic Church has done him.

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  • High Roller

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  • High Roller

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