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Has Your Child Gotten a Splinter at Pierce Park?

More money than ever is being spent on our city's parks. Not all is well spent, alas.

I was at Walter Pierce Park in Adams Morgan a few days ago, and all the nannies were complaining about the wood chips that had just been sprayed all over the playground.

The wood was put there ostensibly to provide a cushion for kids when they fall. But the nannies agreed that the chips actually made the park unsafe, and they had all sorts of stories about kids getting pricked by the sharp shards.

I picked up a handful of the stuff, and, sure enough, it was as if whoever shredded the trees had the chipper set to "Toothpick."

As Mama used to say, this could put somebody's eye out.

A day after hearing the nannies' complaints I told a friend who often brings her two-year-old daughter to Pierce about the situation. She told me her kid got a splinter at the park a day earlier.

Uh oh.

I've got a call into DC Parks and Recreation to see what's what with Pierce Park. Cheap Seats Daily will keep you apprised of all the breaking news in Splintergate.

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  • jill

    Yes! These chips are also at Kalorama Park and they are awful. In addition to being prone to causing splinters, they stick all over everything and will even adhere to clothes after putting them through the wash. They are the worst!

  • Anonymous

    These are the chips that DPR is putting in everywhere, not just at Pierce.

    Requests were made that DPR put new chips at Pierce because the old ones were so degraded that there were huge bare spots. Unlike the chips that the community has purchased for the park in the past (because DPR wouldn't do it), these are not the special "safety" chips that are slightly larger and have rounded edges.

    DPR...two steps forward, 1.75 steps back...

  • Fred

    Ostensibly the new material lessens the impact of a fall.

    The thing is, what kind of oatmeal will it turn into after these rains?

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