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Neighborhood Watch: Shaw Residents vs. The Park Service

The issue: Shaw residents are infuriated by delays at the National Park Service (NPS). They want the agency to hurry up and develop three vacant, rundown properties in the neighborhood, including the Carter G. Woodson Home National Historical Site. Is NPS doing all it can?

Irate resident Ray Milefsky writes on the Shaw listserv: "You, the Park Service, are dissing the Shaw community and the City by keeping these buildings as magnets for vagrancy, trash, and criminal activity...We are fed up and angered at being told to look for the pie-in-the-sky when all we can smell is the defecation at your doorstep in OUR neighborhood."

Yes: Robert Parker, NPS Site Manager, stresses the need for planning, management, planning, resources, and...planning: "There is a process. It takes time, resources and planning. We're currently working out a general management plan with a directional format we plan to manage the resources."

He anticipates that work on the site will start around 2012.

Brian Smith sets out his own time frame in the listserv debate: "...this will continue until Malia Obama is 40 years old."

Next step: A general update of the vacant properties question will be presented at the ANC2C meeting tonight.

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  • Euclidian

    I attended an Shaw Eco Village event in 2001(!) in which a NPS representative claimed they were going to start work on the Woodson house ASAP. Eight years later, they are talking about a three year planning period? The mind boggles.

  • niello8

    the last meeting they had about it around 2007 or 8 they were talking NINE years for study. boggling indeed.

  • Brandon

    NPS is probably too busy planning its centennial ( seven years.