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Neighborhood Watch: Rock Creek Park and Deer Burgers

The Issue: Should we shoot the deer? The National Park Service (NPS) is trying to decide how to deal with the white-tailed deer population. They've been mating like rabbits and eating all the shrubs.

Proponent: Adrienne Colman, Superintendent of Rock Creek Park, says: "It's just one of the options. Montgomery County has been sharpshooting for some years now...It reduces the deer population fairly quickly."

As in Montgomery County, the Rock Creek crew would donate the meat to charity. Three words: free venison burgers.

Opponent: John Hadidian, director of the Urban Wildlife Program at the Humane Society of the United States is sticking up for the deer: "We don't think that the deer should be blamed for something that is natural to them. It doesn't seem that there is a compelling reason to kill these animals."

Alexa Fritts, spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association, says: "overpopulation of deer can have a devastating effect on...songbirds."

Next step: The National Park Service is holding a public meeting at the Rock Creek Park Nature Center (5200 Glover Rd NW) on Wednesday, September 2 to debate the options.

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  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Bring back wolves, bears, & cougars - they'll take down the deer, & maybe a few criminals, too. Bulldoze everything west of Rock Creek, & create a nature preserve. Those of us who live in Georgetown or Ward 3 can move to the skyscrapers which will be built along K Street & downtown.

    In the year 2016, flying cars will take us to the Celestial Beltway, which will still be gridlocked on all levels most of the time. CVS will still be the most popular shopping destination in the District. And the Nationals will still be losing 200 games every year.

  • Contrarian

    Shoot them! ! ! ! [The deer that is...] Use the meat to feed the homeless. That's what they do back in rural Illinois and Wisconsin when the do a culling of the overpopulation of deer.

  • Closewhere

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