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Neighborhood Watch: Mount Pleasant and the Festival Latino

The Issue: The Festival Latino is set to return to Mount Pleasant at the end of September. Or is it? Some local residents and businesses are not completely stoked about the idea.

Proponent: Alberto Ferrufino of Don Juan restaurant says: "We support the festival 100%. There are a few people here who think they are the king or the government, but I don't know what they are protesting about."

Opponent: Kelly DiNardo, manager of Past Tense Yoga studio, writes in a Google group discussion: "We do have some very serious concerns. The current plans call for a stage almost directly outside of the studio. We could not hold classes with that level of noise outside the studio.... While I think the festival provides other value—cultural enrichment, community involvement—it cannot be allowed to damage or undercut Mt. Pleasant businesses."

Local Resident Sam Broeksmit says: "It's a very hard neighborhood to traverse from East to West. Last year they closed Irving street."

Next step: A community meeting to discuss the festival is set for Tuesday 1 September.

CORRECTION: Kelly DiNardo, of Past Tense yoga studio, was identified as an opponent of Fiesta DC's return. While she did have "very serious concerns" about its impact on her studio's classes, DiNardo says she supports the festival overall.

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  • match

    OMG, no yoga?! Cancel that shit!

  • cminus

    FWIW, Alberto's last name is Ferrufino.

  • Adams Morgan

    Good's one freaking day....

  • Park Rd resident

    This festival is a must for this neighborhood. When else do you see everyone that lives here out on the street? Even the yogis will be there. It is a mess to get through, but that's the sign of a good street festival, no?

  • dc foodie

    Outtathisworldsuggestion: Outdoor yoga to drum up support and show people how hot you look after a few years of downward dog? Talk about poor business sense.

  • liam

    Srsly, Past Tense has been in the neighborhood what, three months, tops?

    Agreed w/DC Foodie's suggestion: OUTDOOR YOGA. DRUM UP BUSINESS.

  • Sam

    Last year there were many traffic issues.
    After last year's festival both Jim Graham and Commander Kirk (Police), promised that all the issues would be corrected for subsequent festivals.

    The neighborhood has asked for and so far has not seen the plans for traffic management this year, and would like to see them in advance so that local input can be provided to prevent sending cars down dead ends, etc. Last year they were clearly developed by people unfamiliar with the neighborhood.

    Many are last year's issues are listed here:

  • 16thStDC

    I love the festival! So glad we have one. Hope the businesses can work it out amongst themselves.

  • HRIS