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Hatred of Justin Moyer Briefly Distracts Right Wing Blogosphere

edieMaybe it was H.L. Mencken who said it, or maybe it was me, but if you have a choice between mentioning that a former president's daughter is now happily married, well-adjusted, and suited to her new role as education reporter for NBC and leading an item about a former president's daughter who's now an education reporter with NBC by mentioning her booze-addled past, WRITE THE LEAD THAT MENTIONS THE BOOZE-ADDLED PAST EVERY TIME.

But that's not what's fun about this NewsBusters item that laments the fact that Justin Moyer mentioned that Jenna Bush used to terrorize D.C.'s tavern-owning community in a "Names & Faces" piece in the Post (Moyer also mentioned that Bush taught at a charter school, wrote two books, and got married—is there more heft to her story than this?)—it's that citizen journalists such as "sickoflibs" have linked to photos of Moyer in his Edie Sedgwick garb, and that Tim Graham, who wrote the post, quoted some oblique lyrics as proof of Moyer's malfeasance. And then he said this:

Let's have fun imagining Justin Moyer and his editors at the Washington Post Style section never engaged in drinking at bars or clubs before they hit legal drinking age, not to mention what other teenaged hi-jinks they engaged in.

Justin Moyer does not drink. With the exception of a mint julep he tried in Louisville, Ky., in 2000, that has ever been the case. I know, because I called him to ask. Tim Graham, you are a lazy blogger!

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  • jennifer

    drinking alchohol under age has nothing on being an elitist, self important brat with nothing to say.

  • Andrew Beaujon

    But that was not the accusation, jennifer! #timgrahamislazy

  • Tim Graham

    I don't think you could suggest I was channeling "hatred" of Justin Moyer in my blog post. I do think it's clear that Moyer's musical stylings against George W. Bush might suggest why he might lead the Jenna Bush item with the "bar-hopping and boozing."

    I also made the point that no item about the Gore kids would start with such a phrase -- in part because of liberal bias, and in second part because of liberal bias -- because it wasn't hammered by the national media at the actual time of the alcohol/drug/speeding event.