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Neighborhood Watch: Brookland

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The Issue: The Abdo – Catholic University of America (CUA) development. It fits in with the Small Area Plan (SAP) aimed at rejuvenating Brookland. Both sides of Monroe Street are to be made over, bringing 725 condos units to the area, along with a number of new retail outlets and cafes.

Proponent: Lisa on 10th sees this as a much needed boost to Brookland. She writes on Brookland listserv:

My husband and I live at "ground zero" for the development too and we are excited to have well done development come to our neighborhood. We do not like have to go everywhere BUT Brookland for retail, a variety of restaurants (we love Bobby's Q and the new Tex-Mex place but 2 — haven't been to Brookland Cafe yet — just isn't enough), a good coffee shop or two, and other retail establishments. Geez, we'd even like to see some healthy competition in the neighborhood.

Opponent: ANC 5A Commissioner Carolyn Steptoe thinks it'll ruin Brookland: "These units will bring in at least another 725 residents. And if they are double occupancy – 1400. We are against the plan because of the magnitude of population density." She's also worried about more congestion, and less park space.

Five ANC commissioners already opposed the Small Area Plan (SAP) before a commission, but the Council approved it anyway, she says.

Former Jefferson Airplane drummer Jerry Peloquin says:

"they'll use 'faux stone'."

Next step: The Abdo/CUA plans appear before a zoning commission on October 5th.

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  • Brandon Green

    Brookland has potential, but it could use a little love.

  • Heather

    One thing you didn't include in your posting/article is that all units and retail will have parking spots. Instead of just one side maybe contact ABDO. Those anti development are typically anti all development. I am not sure why all the ANC Reps oppose development in Brookland, since so many of us who elected them are for it. Brookland 12th street leaves much to be desired. There are some new businesses coming in, but hopefully the Catholic retail options will force 12th street businesses to cater more to the community. I am really sick and tired of seeing peeling paint, trash, and weeds up to my waist in front of businesses.

  • IMGoph

    brookland is home to the most nimby nimbys in the city. moreso than even tenleytown!