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Snyder/WJFK Radio Feud Spills Over to Parking!

You can mess with Dan Snyder in radio and get away with it. But parking?

Not without a fight.

That's what the folks at WJFK are finding out.

Cheap Seats Daily has been reporting on the emergence of the FanZone, a new private parking lot near FedExField that was set to compete this season with the Snyder-owned lots. Local CBS-owned radio stations, including WJFK, the new sports station and rival to Snyder's WTEM, marketed the new parking option.

As of this weekend, the web site for the FanZone posted an announcement that passes for the lot were sold out.

But the story's a lot more complicated. Turns out Snyder took over operation of the FanZone lot from the radio stations before Saturday's game with Pittsburgh. The radio stations were not able to run the FanZone as they'd promised.

A marketing rep for CBS-owned WPGC tells me "some situations occurred" that led to Snyder's takeover.

Snyder's radio rivals aren't happy about it, either, and are now trying to contact everybody who bought the season passes for the FanZone to tell them about the Redskins owner's coup.

"We're working on a different location [for the lot]," the marketing staffer tells me, "and we'll get a good one."

Not if Dan Snyder has something to say about it, you won't!

Stay with Cheap Seats Daily for updates on this burgeoning FanZone debacle. Big bet: This is gonna get good!

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  • Holden


    Living in DC for 5 years and only now have I discovered your column. Love it.

    Thanks for the kind words last week. Feel free to drop me a line any time.

    Holden Kushner

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  • Grumpy

    Just another reason to hate this midget prick...Worry less about gouging the customer and hire quality Front Office people, then get the hell out of the way and let them do what they do you self righteous dickhead. Being profitable and going 8-8 and missing the playoffs year in/out may be YOUR idea of an accomplishment, but to us it's a never ending clusterfuck...Sell the team and go away...even Bethesda hates you now

  • benevolent fightfan

    yak, yak, yak. I love Snyder. Long live Capitalism you whining socialist dinks.