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Whole Foods Protest: The Video

Earlier today, in response to Whole Foods CEO John Mackey's Wall Street Journal op-ed opposing single-payer health care and a public option, Single Payer Action and the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union picketed the P Street Whole Foods in Washington, D.C.

City Paper was on the scene to interview the protesters.

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  • mk

    I notice that the last guy always made sure to preface "libertarian" with "right-wing". God forbid anyone break from that false choice red\blue nonsense that partisans have such an investment in.

    Be they left-wing or right-wing, partisans love to obfuscate.

  • BF

    Something libertarians wouldn't dream of doing, right?

  • Mike Hersh

    Supporting Tom DeLay indicates right wing orientation.

    Dancin' DeLay announced he doesn't think President Obama is really president--that he wasn't born in the USA. What would Bruce Springsteen say about that?

  • Truth Hurts

    Assigning pejorative labels to people expressing opinions that differ from one's own views serves only to further polarize and divide us. My mother, for example, is a Republican (and not at all open-minded or thoughtful).She drives me nuts when we discuss politics. Yet I try not to negatively lump all Republicans together during our debates because not all share the same views (just as Democrats differ on certain issues). This approach forces her to focus on the issue at hand rather than party affiliation. The use of terms such as "right wing neocons" or "left-wing ultra liberals" is not helpful to healthy discourse.

  • Fred

    Except when it is.

  • Joel Lawson

    Shout out to Debby H in the video, hi Debby!

  • Joel Lawson

    DC protest is the top most shared story right now on the BBC's website:

  • Joel Lawson

    (and the 4th most read story on the entire BBC site)

  • Jim

    Thanks for posting that BBC story. Amazing how much better it is when done by professionals.

  • Healthfoodie

    If I still lived in the DC area I would be right up in those Union mob punks faces.
    God forbid a great man like Mackey has an opinion outside of the Anointed Ones then the mob shows up with their lying talking points. That one idiot says people are dying everyday yet he has no problem with Tiller the Baby Killer who murdered perfectly healthy babies in the final trimester.
    This whole desire for the Union takeover of health care is about permanent power to the Democrats and that is all it is about, not health insurance.

  • Healthfoodie

    Bunch of hippies.

  • Healthfoodie

    Here choke on this folks, Obama suffers in the polls with the Mafia style tactics he uses with all the Unions like United Food and Commercial Workers International Union and SEIU.
    But good luck keep it up losers.

  • Fred

    Right Jim.

  • Truth Hurts

    Healthfoodie: I'm comforted to hear you don't live in the DC area. Hope you really like your new abode. By the way, I read your link to the Canadian health care story. That's your best shot? Please.

  • Healthfoodie

    I do come back from time to time so watch out.

  • Truth Hurts

    Healthfoodie: Forgot to ask what you meant by "watch out". What do you intend to do to me? Please be specific.

  • J

    Do you live in a high school hallway in your mind, Healthfoodie? Congrats, you really supremely embody the state of political discourse on health care reform. We've gone from town halls to town hollers, talking heads to bleating orifices, and essays to asshats.

    Oh and PS forgot a talking point: my Dad can beat up your Dad so ppfftthht to you!