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D.C. GOP to Counter Whole Foods Protest

LL just took a call from Paul Craney, executive director of the D.C. Republican Committee, who says that his small but feisty band of partisans is not about to let the local liberal types protesting Whole Foods CEO John Mackey's free-market health care views go unchallenged.

Not directly, though. The following morning, Craney says, as many as a dozen GOP loyalists will be at the very same P Street Whole Foods, weather permitting, distributing literature defending Mackey's point of view, including copies of the Wall Street Journal op-ed that touched off this whole debate.

"We're trying to show the other side of the health care debate in D.C.," he says, "and how it affects District residents."

LL raised the possibility, given the well-recognized progressive bent of Whole Foods soppers, that Craney et al. might find themselves subject to a barrage of $3 organic tomatoes.

"We'll bring rain coats for the rain," he says, "but not for the tomatoes."

Craney notes that he's been subject to some Whole Foods-related abuse before. He says he regularly drives his Jeep Grand Cherokee, bearing John McCain and Rudy Giuliani bumper stickers, to the Tenleytown location. "I can't tell you how many times I get stuff put on my car that says something...snide." His favorite: "Something about about how either Rudy Giuliani or John McCain would not like how I parked my SUV."

They'll be there from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday.

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  • Aaron

    They do realize that passing out this Op/Ed to the average WFM shopper will just be helping the liberal cause, right?

  • nanorich

    Michael Steele has made being a Democrat so much more entertaining!

  • Bill

    Last I set foot inside a Whole Foods. Fascist.

  • Downtown rez

    Bonus points if their literature is printed on recycled paper bags. Otherwise, meh.

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  • Fred

    I haven't been following this real close. I want a public option for health care, but I'm not going to boycott WF. It's just one person's opinion. Are people really boycotting them? Or is it a big deal out of nothing?

  • angelique

    In my neighborhood Whole Foods, (in NYC) there won't be many Republicans handing out literature, but I don't think there will be much of a boycott, either because 1) there is no other grocer in the neighborhood and 2) so many people have lost their jobs that they can't shop there anymore. But a Mc Cain/ Guiliani bumper sticker would be most unwelcomed...especially the Guiliani part...

  • dc foodie

    Fred - WF is a major corp and as their CEO Mackey has a lot of discretion over the type of health care they offer AND has a lot of sway in the business community.

    Furthermore, as a corp that holds themselves up as a paragon of purity and fairness then the fact that they are not supporting reform of the insurance system in this country so that it actually works (versus the f-ed up system our pseudo-free market capitalism has created for it), they open themselves up to this type of boycott.

    It all comes down to power in numbers. Just like th eprotestors have power in numbers, America's employers and corporations have power to change things.

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  • Jamie

    $3 for an organic tomato at WF? What a fantasy! You could pay that much for an onion there.

  • Concernedaboutdc

    Who such counter protest will remove the foolishness of this executive that doesn't have the intelligence of a first year MBA student to know that as a CEO what you say can have an impact on your bottom line. He is in business to make money. PERIOD. His is entitled to his political opinion. However, a smart businessman would not publish it in a newspaper knowing it will be counter intuitive to his/her balance sheet.

    Business 101 people, Business 101.

  • Fred

    I'm so confused!!

    Wait. No I'm not. I never believed that WF was, for example, a food co-op. Now if the head of a food co-op had written that, I would be kind of mad, and would be inclined to do something about it. But WF is an animal of a different stripe, isn't it? Who is being fooled here? I admit that I am not much of a protester, and God bless those who are, and who make a difference (and thank you), but I do know if this were something to get really fired up about, I would. I just was never fooled into thinking that WF was anything like a food co-op. Yes, maybe he should not have written that, especially in the WSJ.

    I don't know. Am I that alienated?

  • Brandon Green

    Both sides of the healthcare debate could spend their energies in better places than picketing Whole Foods.

  • Bryan

    The D.C. Republican party... that's funny...

  • JB

    "barrage of $3 organic tomatoes"

    That would be assault. I wouldn't mind seeing some Leftists get their teeth knocked out as a result of assaulting someone. Leftist thugs, no wonder they worshiped Stalin.

  • IQ

    JB sounds super smart.

  • JB

    IQ, I can almost guarantee you my IQ is higher than yours. 99th percentile on standardized tests, chump.