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The Lerners Should Thank Scott Boras

I was in a diner in Delaware this morning killing time before a funeral. An old guy in the booth beside me, who had been rifling through newspapers, started complaining to his wife about not being able to find out "if he signed or not."

I had to know. I turned around and asked, "Who are you talking about?"

"Stephen Strasburg," he said.

I told him that, yeah, 'round midnight the kid agreed to be a Nat.

Had the Nats signed him months ago even for the same record amount, nobody except hardcore fans would have given a rip. By dragging things out until the last minute, serendipitously or not, the Lerners got the whole world to care.

Well, me and one old dude in Delaware, anyway. I'm not sure about the wife.

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  • meat

    Has anyone speculated when he'll see major league hitters? Since it's a major league deal, I'm assuming he won't start out pitching for Potomac?

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    I'm predicting some blazing fastballs in Potomac & Harrisburg, then a late September preview-debut at Nats Park, Sunday Sept 27 against the Atlanta baseball team.

    He's got to start earning that money. In the off season, he'll be selling tickets with Abe, George, TJ, & the other guy.

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