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Community Rally Set For Cora Masters Barry

Sandra "SS" Seegars has organized a rally in support of Cora Masters Barry's Recreation Wish List Committee. As everyone knows, the city has moved to evict Barry from the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center.

The rally is being held this Friday at 6 p.m. outside the center at 701 Mississippi Avenue SE.

Seegars tells City Desk: "I believe it's the best center in the ward. It's clean. She has the types of programs that are very organized, very structured." Seegars, when asked if she plays tennis herself: "Oh, no. I'm not a sports person."

But Seegars is very much a community person. She says she has attended ANC meetings there as well as other functions. Even Barry, she says, has shed her intimidating rep and has become a vital part of the neighborhood.

"Since she's been at the tennis center, she has changed," Seegars says. "You can't be nice to children and mean to the world. The soft side of her has come out since she's been at the tennis center. I don't think she hugs yet. She's not a touchy feely person. But I can see how she is with children. You can see the love in her eyes. It's not fake."

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  • Angry Al Gonzales

    The FBI is going to be there taking tag numbers - it'll be like the wedding scene at the start of the first Godfather movie. Fenty & Nickles are punking the Barry Crew b/c they know the Feds are busting the entire Barry Mafia - it's going to be gruesome. Look for 30 + Barry followers to sit in the dock with Barry - & look for heavy sentences.

    The Tenth Life of Marion Barry ain't gonna be a pretty movie. Tweet that.

  • Mike Licht

    I hope the Wish List Committee board members are at the rally. They can explain to the crowd how they allowed the organization to get out of compliance.

  • The Advoc8te

    I am still not clear about something so perhaps someone can clarify. Does the eviction mean that the tennis center and it's programs will cease or just that the Wish List Committee has to kick rocks? If it's just that the organization that founded the center has to relocate I don't think that it's clear to the folks in the community. I think the impression is that the center will have to stop offering services and the staff will have to vacate.

    My own personal opinion is that it's the responsibility of the organization to make sure they are compliant.

  • dcblackdaddy

    Let the crook Cora Wilds Masters Barry go away and be out of our colective minds in DC. She has head-faked DC for so long with accompliances that should perish with her kind. Yes, I despise this beast/female dogette overweight ratty fatty splatty whose pimping days of the poor must cease and again may I thank the pwoerful white dude Peetee Nickee, you is my cracker.

  • Mike Licht

    The Advocate: The history of the facility is unclear. DCRA has records of an earlier nonprofit organization called "Friends of the Southeast Tennis Center." It, too, is listed as a defunct corporation.

  • Peter Rosenstein

    You may be a fan or not of Cora Masters Barry but it is irrifutable that she has dedicated many years to building the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center into a great place for kids and families to learn and play. Coming out of compliance with DC non-profit filing is not a major issue. Just ask DCRA how many other non-profits are out of compliance. There is actually a form printed for reinstatement, and it is a simple process. When you list a registered agent the City sends information to that registered agent no certified letters or trackable letters go out. So if your registered agent doesn't get the form or gets it and doesn't pass it on, no one in the City or the agency knows that. The agency should be up to date but making this mountain out of what is a molehill makes no sense.

    This wasn't a random check as AG Nickles has said. This was a targeted attack on Cora Masters Barry. With all the issues the City is facing including the Pershing Park arrests and the sloppy work of the AG's Office that AG Nickles is dealing with, it is sad that he is still apparently acting as the political hatchet man for the Mayor. He is a talented AG, he should be focusing on the issues that will really impact us and not going after what is a successful public/private partnership for the City and for the chidlren and families in Ward 8.

    The Mayor should get personnally involved in this and make sure it gets straightend out. If he wants to add more programs to the SETC I am sure that Ms. Barry's group is perfectly willing to work with him or DPR staff to do that. This fight is a distraction that the Mayor really doesn't need and is actually unseemly.

    The Mayor is doing to many good things to have headlines focused on these issues which make him look petty.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    DCBD tells it like it is. Cora Masters has preyed on DC citizens for decades - & the dance is over. Nickles - well, he's a Virginia cracker for sure, that made me laugh out loud, & on this one, he's doing all right.

    Fenty & Nickles are - if nothing else - careful, calculating politicians. They know from their connections at the US Attorney's office that the Feds are taking down the entire Barry operation in September, so ... there's a new sheriff in town.

    Yes, sir, Sheriff Nickles. Whatever you say. Now if you can just dodge being tied to the Pershing Park débâcle, you might stick around for a few years.

  • Downtown Rez

    If a non-existent non-profit is running the SETC and someone gets hurt, who's insurance pays?

  • Peter Rosenstein

    Downtown Rez- filing has nothing at all to do with insurance- the City is insured because the Center is theirs and a non-profit can have insurance without being registered with the City. Not being up to date on filing with the City doesn't mean they are non-existant. You really should read the law on non-profits.

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  • Terry Miller

    I am no fan of Barry or of Cora Masters. A "random" check of the small non-profit organizations in this city would find that a number of them have had their charters revoked for the same reason and the revocation is easily rememdied. Basically, the city requires corporations to register with the city every two years and to pay a fee. If they don't then the charter is revoked but can be reinstated with filing of the forms and paying the fee.

    Legally, even if the corporate charter is revoked, it remains in existence for the limited purposes of being sued for damages/expenses incurred during the lifetime of the corporation and to sue to protect the corporate interest. So, I seriously doubt that the corporation can be "evicted" simply because its charter has been remoked. Waste of time, really.

  • Truth Hurts

    DC Black daddy: Once again, you crack me up. Not endorsing or disagreeing with your post, just saying you're a funny guy.
    DC Rez: DC has no "insurance", it's self-insured (spelled taxpayers). Nonprofits are required to carry insurance, but it'd be no surprise if an insurance carrier balked at paying a claim if the nonprofit failed to comply with DC registration regs.

  • Trut hurts II

    Cora's lease is for office space (for the Wish List). I wonder what kind of illegal operations are run from there...not tennis, that's for sure.