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Beware the New, “I’m Stranded in London” Facebook Scam

Darrow Montgomery, Washington City Paper's amazing staff photographer, just alerted me to a new Facebook phishing scam. While using social media to spread the good word of WCP, Darrow received an instant message from an old friend. Said old friend claimed that she was stranded in London after having been robbed at gunpoint of all identification and forms of payment.

But Darrow is smart and wasn't about to go wiring money across the pond. A call was made to his wife, who knows the stranded woman, and who was then able to verify that THE WOMAN IS NOT ACTUALLY IN LONDON; she's in Georgetown.

Turns out her FB doppleganger has been hitting people up allllll day. The proper authorities have been contacted.

Don't get scammed, y'all!

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  • CO

    This happened to a friend of mine after his gmail account was broken into and the password changed (pretty much the same stranded in London story and everything). We all assumed it was just a virus, but then one of the recipients of the sketchy email decided to reply and pretend to buy the story -- and then the scammer actually emailed them back with instructions on how and where to wire the money!

  • Tricia

    A smart phisher would know my friends spend time in neither London nor Georgetown.

  • Mt Pleasant

    This has been happening all summer to lots of people I know. It's just the Spanish Prisoner scam and pretty well-known.

  • Mike Riggs

    Spring showers bring Mayflowers, and what do May Flowers bring? Spanish Prisoners who are stranded in London on Facebook!

  • Arthur Delaney

    I call this the "Amned Scam." Happened to a friend in December. Below, a partial transcript.

    2:18 PM me: Ned, have you been looking at some questionable web sites>
    2:19 PM Ned: hi
    me: you gonna watch the game tonight at work?
    Ned: nope
    me: ???
    Ned: did u get my mail
    2:20 PM me: ha, tell me this really is some dumbshit in the UK who hacked a gmail account!
    2:21 PM Ned: where are u know
    me: I'm at work, you dumb motherfucker
    Ned would know that.
    2:22 PM Ned: am NED
    2:23 PM me: what's your favourite football club?
    Ned: u know and ur still asking me
    2:24 PM am in a big mess
    me: ok ned, just sit tight and I can wire you some money
    maybe paypal?
    2:25 PM Ned: i have stolen my credit cards
    they have stolen my credit card