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The Pershing Park Case: Judge Sporkin Starting To Get Involved, Praises AG Nickles

StanleySporkinTomorrow, AG Peter Nickles must submit a sworn statement to U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan. The statement must address issues concerning the lengthy discovery process and missing evidence in a Pershing Park case. We highlighted certain documents and testimonies concerning the missing evidence here, here and here.

Recently, the WaPo editorial board nudged Nickles to settle the Pershing Park case and figure out how critical evidence vanished. The board took great comfort in the fact that Nickles had solicited the help of retired U.S. District Court Judge Stanley Sporkin (pictured):

"It's encouraging that he enlisted former federal judge Stanley Sporkin, who is offering his considerable expertise on a pro bono basis, to advise him."

But with a day before Nickles is to turn in his sworn statement, Sporkin  says his consulting work is only just getting started. He is unclear what his work will entail. "I don't know what I'll be doing," Sporkin tells City Desk. "I'll do whatever I have to do....I really don't at this stage have any idea of where this is all going and heading....It's very new to me."

Sporkin adds: ""Right now, I'm just getting into it. Obviously, I don't have any conclusions at this stage other than what I saw and read in the transcript."

Sporkin suggests that his role may not be directly dealing with the Pershing Park case—but figuring out how to fix the OAG.

Sporkin says his job would figure out: "How to make the city responsive and a great place, and how to make the law department an outstanding law department."

Sporkin had nothing but praise for the city's top lawyer. "I do know Peter," he says. "I know him to be a person, a highly committed person....He's trying to give back....You got a great talent in Peter Nickles."

*photo courtesy of Sporkin's consulting group, Gavel Consulting Group.

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  • Dave

    Yikes! I wouldn't want to find myself in a dark alley with that guy.

  • Ward 5

    "“I don’t know what I’ll be doing,” Sporkin tells City Desk."

    Sounds like he'll fit right in!!!

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Sporkin is a hard-assed old judge. He headed the SEC when it had teeth. Of course he likes Nickles - Nickles gave him the job & got his name back in the papers. And now Nickles will shove the pile-of-shit defense onto Sporkin's lap, via the affidavit Nickles has to file. Sporkin in turn will undoubtedly do an investigation & find nothing definite - the evidence disappeared, no fingerprints.

    So then the onus goes back on Sullivan. Will he fine the District? Someone in DC government destroyed a dozen or more copies of critical evidence. Res ipsa loquitur - the thing speaks for itself. The evidence was in DC's custody & it disappeared.

    A one-million dollar fine? Stay tuned.

  • SaveDC

    Judge Sporkin is only brought into the picture for name recognition and to cast AG Nickles in a positive light.

    AG Nickles knew that there were problems with the AG's office as well as MPD General Counsel's office.

    Why wasn't Judge Sporkin's assistance requested beforehand?

    Another attempt by AG Nickles to weasel his way out of the Pershing-Gate fiasco.

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