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DeAngelo Hall Loves Nickelback!

That's the big news from Redskins Park today, via DeAngelo Hall's just-launched web site,

Hall teased his launch as a mysterious "big announcement" for a couple days before going live. Along with finding out what bands DeAngelo listens to ("old school rock like Nickelback"), his new site gives you the chance to buy a t-shirt with his name on it for $35.99 plus postage.

That's about what Nickelback would charge.

I'm beginning to think this internet thingee is just a fad...

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  • Mr T in DC

    Nickelback??? Ugh, they are the WORST! That lead singer sounds like someone has sandpapered his vocal cords, or possibly his testicles, or maybe both.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Does Albert "Face Stomper" Haynesworth have any T shirts for sale? Or is "Tin Man" a better nickname for him - I read that he was getting injections to "lubricate" his knee. The over / under on the number of games he'll play this year is twelve - & that's if he doesn't get suspended again for face stomping...