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Councilmember Alexander Raises Concerns Over AG Nickles


In our running poll of the D.C. Council's Judiciary Committee members regarding AG Peter Nickles' conduct, we finally reached Councilmember Yvette Alexander.

Nickles has come under fire recently for his office's conduct in a Pershing Park civil suit. District evidence has either been destroyed or lost and discovery continues to be a problem in that case. The discovery process has dragged on for years. The U.S. District Court judge in the case slammed the OAG, ordered Nickles to submit a sworn statement explaining his office's actions, and called on the D.C. Council to investigate the OAG's handling of the case. The issues before Nickles include one very false affidavit.

So far Councilmember Mary Cheh has called for Nickles to resign. Yesterday, Councilmember Phil Mendelson joined Cheh in pushing for Nickles to rejoin the private sector.  Councilmember Jack Evans still fully supports Nickles.

Alexander says she is reserving judgment on Nickles for the time being. She would like to see the council take up the matter. "I wouldn't have a problem with requesting an investigation," she tells City Desk. "You are innocent until proven guilty. I would want to know what happened with the evidence."

If there was purposeful or criminal mishandling of evidence, Alexander says, then Nickles should be ousted.

Alexander says that Nickles still hasn't accepted his role as the attorney general. "I have not seen the distinction in his role as the general counsel and attorney general," she explains. "It troubles me. That was one of my concerns during the confirmation."

*photo courtesy of Alexander's awesome website.

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  • Sally

    Alexander won't offer her opinion until Vince Gray tells her what it is.

  • Truth Hurts

    And Vince "one city" Gray will have to first run everything by Nikita Stewart, and see what she (WAPO) thinks, before he tells Alexander what to say.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Gasp, I didn't know this robot could speak!

    Does this mean Alexander won't be attending anymore Fenty fundraisers at Chris Donatelli's home ?

  • Former Staffer

    But wasn't Nickles made a replacement for the old AG during the tenure of this case? The evidence could have been destroyed before he was made permanent, which would or could cast the blame for this to the prior AG.

    This case began in 2004. So who was the prior AG?

  • A Real DC Resident

    You all need to especially The Truth need to quite. I'm tired of every time I go to a article, I have to read some bs from you and the other idiots. OK, you all don't like Fenty, Gray, Alexander or anyone else, but what are you doing positive to try to create the change that you say you want? All you are doing is running your mouth on this thing and hiding behind the keyboard. You should be ashamed.

    As for Alexander, she is doing what is right, she is waiting until she gets all of the information.

  • Daddy Grace FIsh Sandwich

    A Real DC Resident, is actually A Real Alexander Staffer.

  • Q™

    JCherkis...Alexander's website is awesome or is it AWW-SOMEthing is wrong here. At least she is giving away tickets to the Nationals game to Ward 7 residents...oops, there's that word again.

    Ward 7 Night with the Nationals

    August 7th, 2009

    If you would like free tickets to this event contact (202) 724-8068

  • Abigail J

    You're right -- Nickles wasn't even AG in 2002 when the case happened or in 2007 when the affidavit went out. He was nominated in June 2008 --

  • Jason Cherkis

    Nickles had served as interim or acting AG for some time---roughly six months---before June 2008.