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O Death! Eddie Dean and Ralph Stanley Whup Up on Tim McGraw!

Eddie Dean, one of the greatest of the greats to pass through City Paper's masthead over the years, is getting attention for his book on and with bluegrass god Ralph Stanley. The book, "Man of Constant Sorrow: The Life and Times of a Music Legend," comes out in October, but folks along Music Row are already talking about what won't be in it: Apparently Dean had Stanley occasionally slamming the heck out of contemporary country hit factory, Tim McGraw, including saying that McGraw "wouldn't know a real country song if it kicked him in the ass."

McGraw knows Platinum Records, however. So the publisher took out Dean's/Stanley's slurs. Then, of course, leaked the deletions to the media! It's a win/win situation!

I like Tim McGraw. "Angry All the Time" is awwsumm! He's Tug's son, for crissakes! You gotta believe!

But I love Eddie Dean. Can't wait for the book to hit the shelves.

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  • funoka

    McGraw's Angry All the Time is a Bruce Robeson cover -- which was also covered by Bruce's wife -- Kelly Willis. When Bruce and Kelly do the song together, it's unreal. Tim's cover just put the Robeson/Willis kids through college!

  • Dave McKenna

    you gettin' all kelly willis-o-phile on my ass now Funoka? don't make me go all annandale high and step-mom's head of the CIA and talk about kelly and the fireballs at DC space back in her rockabilly days! don't make me! and yeah her and bruce and all those kids, blah blah!

    i know me too much kelly willis! so don't even!

    butt seriously: one of the reasons i like Tim McGraw is he went out and took a song from Austin indie types instead of the typical nashville factory writers. he made a lot of cool kids rich.

    thanks for playing the feud™! even if you weren't!

  • Malahia

    Is there a reason to stir this up again, do you work for the publisher trying to drum up sales. Tim knows country music, just cause its not stone cold country doesn't mean its not country. He knows his stuff.

    Also Tim would no more disrespect another artist for their music or awards than Ralph would. Both are Southern gentleman. That little blurb don't fly. Tim is known for being a nice guy and defintley respects other artist.

    You've got your publicity for you book so move on. Shame trying to hurt the reputation of a good guy like Tim.

  • Nikki

    I know alot of people do and say many things in order to sell books. This however is totally sick and I do mean that literally, Tim McGraw is one of the nicest, kindest most sincere people we have ever had the pleasure to meet. Both Tim and his beautiful wife are so kind and caring neither of them would ever say or do anything that would cause any harm to another human being much less a person like Mr. Stanley, however to think you folks would tell such lies just to sell your book, I wish you luck cause many people won't be buying it now, not after hearing the terrible lengths you were willing to take to sell it. Tim wouldn't hurt anyone how dare you attempt to hurt him in this way, so as far as I am concerned you can keep your book and I hope it stays where it belongs on the shelves for a longtime as nobody I know will be interested in spending their hard earned money on it now. Tasteless tactics you should be ashamed of yourselves!

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  • Liz Hand

    I love Eddie Dean, too -- I first met him when he was an undergrad & Echols Scholar at UVA in 1984. He was a brilliant young writer & music lover then, and his work lit up the City Paper for years -- the Greil Marcus of his generation. Can't wait to get my hands on this book and see what he's been up to with Dr. Stanley.