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Delays on Metro’s Red Line For At Least A Year

The general manager of the D.C. Metro, John Catoe, says riders on the Red Line should expect delays for at least a year because of the ongoing investigation into last month's deadly crash and repairs connected to it, the Washington Times reports.

"If this is an issue dealing with the safety of the system, I'm not going to restrict the repairs to nighttime. I'm going to get it as soon as I can get it done. And we will look at ways to do that, but that will impact the service on the Red Line," he said.

"Now that we're getting into heavy revamp of the system, it will be impacting services for the next several years," Mr. Catoe said. To lessen disruptions to the system, Metro will rethink how it schedules maintenance. Suggestions include doing large repairs on holidays or specific days of the week like Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In a wide-ranging interview with the paper, Catoe also suggested that problems with a 30-year-old computer system that is being investigated as the possible cause of the crash could impact other transit systems across the country.

"With this, depending again what they ultimately find, could be much larger. It's an issue, depending upon what they find, not just for [the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority]. We're not the only one with this type of system. Most rail operations around the country have a similar system to this," said Mr. Catoe, who insisted he was speculating and distanced himself from the NTSB investigation.

"If they find, let's say, that there's a defect in the part, then you have to look at all the parts around the country because there's only two manufacturers of those parts," he said.

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  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Metro has to run the trains slowly enough that a train operator can stop the train if s/he sees a stopped train ahead. That is, & has always been, Metro's "back up system" in case the sensors fail.

    It is somewhat academic to me, though, since I rarely ride the trains, maybe just a couple times a month when I have a hearing to go to down at Judiciary Center. I usually walk or ride to the bus to & from work & Georgetown, & just occasionally drive.

  • RT

    Catoe blows. Replace him, please. His "can't do" attitude towards the train part of transit sucks. He did fine with the buses, but he has run the metro train system into the ground. Experiment over.

  • Q™

    RT I agree. His press conferences and statements to the press are about as lack luster as Fenty. Sometimes it is best to keep quiet, than keep giving information that proves your lack of handling the situation.