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Yes, Please Do Visit D.C., Just Don’t Read the News

WAMU-FM reported this morning that tourism is up in the nation's capital – a 3 percent increase in domestic visitors and a 22 percent boost in international ones, according to Destination D.C. – which got me thinking, of course it is!

It's not like there are armed robberies downtown, half a block from the White House, in the middle of the day, and it's not like people have been shot inside museums, and it's not like the Metro system isn't safe.

Oh, wait.

As Borderstan notes, there was an armed robbery downtown, half a block from the White House, yesterday afternoon (at 16th and K). And someone was shot inside the Holocaust Memorial Museum. And there was that crash on the Metro that left nine people dead, scores more injured and lots and lots of questions, especially since it's becoming ever-clearer that the problems were long-standing and have yet to be fixed.

But none of that, thankfully, should affect the way tourists see the city at all.

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  • Creativemeat

    Seriously? I expect this sort of anayltic thinking from whi.I.hate.dc or dcist. Please don't shit where you eat, its unoriginal.

  • Sally

    Wow. That was a waaaaay edgy post!

    Oh wait.

    No it wasn't.

    You suck. Stop trying so hard. It's evident and lame.

  • Joel Lawson

    < sound like lovely people

  • Jamie

    Oh no. A train crashed and someone got mugged downtown and we had one serious metro accident in like 20 years. All of which is about 1/100th of what happens every day in nearly every place in the world.

    Elsewhere in the world:

    --Train blows up in small italian town killing at least 14. TODAY.
    --Car bomb kills 2 and injures dozens on Spanish resort island. TODAY.
    --Jakarta hotel attacked by terrorists killing 7 two week ago.

    Yeah, it really sucks here in Washington. I can't imagine why anyone from another country would dream of coming to this hell hole.