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Snyder Obtains Another Media Property

The great Thom Loverro is now on Dan Snyder's payroll. And his newspaper boss couldn't be happier about it! Washington Times Executive Editor John Solomon touts Loverro's new show on Snyder's WTEM in a front-page story! Says putting Loverro on WTEM "creates the perfect marriage, and the beneficiary will be the listening public."

What about the reading public?


Quibblers might point out that Loverro's been cashing Snyder's checks ever since the Skins owner bought WTEM, what with Loverro, my favorite columnist in DC and a fabulous guy, being a regular paid guest on the station's drive-time jewel, "The Sports Reporters." But this makes Loverro's ties to Snyder so, well, official.

Oh, well, we're all gonna be working for Snyder eventually.

Which reminds me: Dan, there's an auction on August 25! I've noticed a gaping hole in your multi-media portfolio! This could fill it! At least take a look!

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  • Q™

    Dave, while you were still milking a non-story about a stolen Girl's Scout chant, a losing Baseball team and a bumbling millionaire, WTT in DC has been pretty successful. From second seed to the finals all within a week. Check out the following link for a good sports story...and get this, the tickets are $25 for a the championship game! If that isn't Cheap Seats, I don't know what is...

    Can you at least get some coverage there this time? LOL!