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Marion Barry Apologized For Wilson Building Incident

On June 30, Councilmember Marion Barry used his office to bounce his on-again-off-again girlfriend's ex-husband from the Wilson Building. At the time, he claimed that Delonta Brighthaupt had threatened him on the phone and in person.

Barry never got into detail with council staff. But it was enough for Brighthaupt to get barred that night from a Wilson Building event. At 10:30 that night, Barry left a voicemail on his ex-girlfriend's cellphone apologizing for his actions. He goes on to state that Delonta Brighthaupt was now free to go anywhere he wants.

This wasn't the end to this love-hate triangle between Barry, Donna Watts-Brighthaupt and Delonta Brighthaupt which we detail in this week's cover. On July 1, Barry wrote a letter to Donna apologizing further. Barry's staff provided the letter to Washington City Paper this week.

In the letter, Barry writes: "In an effort to resolve this situation in an amicable manner, I sincerely apologize to you, Brew and to Mr. Brighthaupt."

Full letter after the jump.

Dear Donna,

There has been a lot of controversy and confusion related to the situation surrounding the screening last night.  I urged you several times on Tuesday not to bring your ex-husband to the screening at the Wilson Building that night because his presence made me feel threatened.  You arrived at the Wilson Building with your daughter and Mr. Brighthaupt was denied entry, I can see how this was embarrassing to each of you.

Continuing to go back and forth on this issue is not in the best interest of you, Mr. Brighthaupt and me.  In an effort to resolve this situation in an amicable manner, I sincerely apologize to you, Brew and to Mr. Brighthaupt.  Furthermore I am not going to pursue any further actions related to Mr. Brighthaupt.

In order to put this to rest and resolve it amicably, I am asking for you to agree with me that going forward we will not defame or seek to injure each other’s reputation in any form or manner.  I ask that you respond to me by letter indicating that you agree to these terms.  Following your written response we will also agree that there will be no interaction, conversations or contact between us going forward.

I look forward to your swift response, please call me regarding this letter.


Marion Barry

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  • Skipper

    Wow, that 3rd paragraph is an astoundingly pathetic attempt at sounding lawyerly. I wonder if that was written by the Barry legal staffer who quit a few days ago? If so, that's some kwality legal firepower.

  • Q™

    Yep, it's lawyerly alright. But still, this letter was sent JULY 1, three days before the stalking. Clearly he didn't want any legal ramifications. Still, WHO IN 'BARRY'S STAFF' keeps furnishing you with these dated ridiculous letters. Or did WCP get all of them at once and you are milking them out to foster interest.

    What's the story...that he apologized or that he was trying to break the communication off in a documented effort? Methinks WCP is lacking stories for the dead tree edition this week.

  • why

    Q these continuing stories about Barry seem to be a concentrated attack by WCP to finally disgrace and get Barry out of office but it will only endear him more to his constiuants. You chatised me a couple of time on the other blog but everything you said was true. I am curious do you work for WCP or city government. U seem affliliated with one or the other?

  • Q™

    "why", I'm actually not affiliated with either City Govt. or WCP. Just a simple citizen who wants to read a good paper. It is funny that through my comments, folks either believe I work for Barry or someone else. If I chastised you, it was not with the intent of insult and unintentional. When I read certain things online, my commentary might be a little strong, but I hope that I am contributing to a greater understanding of the subject.