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Inside The Barry Love Triangle

Maroin Barry

You can call Councilmember Marion Barry a lot of things:  Civil Rights Leader, Mayor-for-Life, Addict, Male Slut. You can now add Incurable Optimist to the list. In his rocky relationship with Donna Watts-Brighthaupt, he endured one rejection after another. And the man kept coming back.

A Hotel spat in Denver where he threw her out of his room for refusing to give him a blowjob. A fight in Las Vegas. Pleadings over e-mail that involved a high-ranking staffer and public money.  Now we know there were plenty of intense moments closer to home between Barry, Donna, and Donna's ex-husband Delonta Brighthaupt.

In this week's cover, we detail the love triangle and pay particular attention to the councilmember using his office and authority in an attempt to get Delonta out of the picture.

Barry's move backfired. Within a few days, he would be arrested on stalking charges. The charges were later dismissed. But the police report surely shows a man in hot pursuit.

We'll post the police report tomorrow.

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  • Scandal

    Some Ward 8 neighbors and I talked about this story last night, but is this really the best you can do?!?! Stop giving up this trivial nonsense and give us readers real investigative journalism. We are tired of the RECYCLED stories on Barry's ex and her husband.

    There is a pandemic of corruption in DC GOVERNMENT, EXPOSE IT!!!!

    Beyond your obsession with Barry why no stories on who or what developer paid for Harry Thomas Jr. and his family to go to the Super Bowl last year?

    Who is Kwame "Napoleon" Brown doing favors for to be even invited to NBA draft parties?

    And let me give you some leads since you're so focused on Barry:

    Is Barry fucking that dumb-ass of a communications director?

    Investigate Barry's loyalty to the sinsiter wannabe minister Anthony Motley and you'll find a trail of dirt!

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Good point, Scandal. Barry, Motley, Holmes, Bunn, et al. are thieves & must be investigated & prosecuted. But we can't stop there - Thomas @ Keame Brown should also be investigated, & I'll add my old friend Jack Evans. Evans has also received illegal gifts for favors from big developers.

    Barry's pathetic "social life" is boring & a waste of time / print / cyberspace. Let the gossip people cover that. Please, CP, stick to the investigation of corruption, & stick it long & hard.

    Thanks for the tips, Scandal - my team of citizen journalists are working on the info now.

  • Q™

    Slow news week WCP huh? "Barry’s pathetic “social life” is boring & a waste of time" For once Angry Al and I agree. I mean geez, THREE WEEKS IN A ROW BARRY ON THE FRONT PAGE. What are you guys doing?!? Trying to redeem yourself from the issue two weeks ago. WCP is starting to become the TMZ of DC.

    What is the value add in all this. This story was over after he got arrested. Yet WCP is playing the alchemist...trying to make lead into gold.

  • Tsion Kop

    "...Male Slut.." c'mon...I am sure there are females/males in your past that have the same opinion of you but we don't care to know and the same goes for Barry. upgrade your journalism.

  • dbrighthaupt

    True- MB's so called triangle isn't the news DC citizens should seek. But you seem to be devout readers that should know enough about WCP to trust they may be feeding you bread crumbs in a path toward 'gold'. I've only picked up a City Paper the first time in my life two weeks after I heard my face was on it - despite the anguish, still I see the value in this publication. You can't task this one free paper to give it all up - task the major media outlets to hire real journalists to help DC Gov't become transparent. They certainly will not give you pieces of the real stuff until they know they've got papers and people to back it. Patience grasshoppers -

    Scandal's tryin' to tell us somethin'.

    ..citizen journalism lol

  • Q™

    Ms. Watts-Brighthaupt, once again you are compromising your innocence in this. Many of the bloggers and WCP readers are really tired of this soap opera that only serves to increase your 15 minutes of fame and saturate the blogs with your social improprieties. Whether Barry denied you entrance to the Denver hotel because of some sex act is YOUR BUSINESS. I would assume your mother or maternal figure taught you enough decency not to disclose this type of info. The media doesn't care about your reputation, and neither does your ex-husband. Otherwise, this dirt wouldn't keep coming up. Your ex-husband's rants are making Barry seem MORE like the hero/victim in all this.

    Yes, the scandal is trying to tell us something...WCP has nothing better to report on THIS WEEK!

    Honestly, most of the readers aren't surprised by this type of scandal. Payoffs, favors, etc. What some readers don't appreciate is the protracted effort to report on such information. Give us the facts, and get on with it. This shouldn't be TMZ or PopEater or any of those other tabloids that people connect to just to get their daily fix.

  • Downtown Rez

    Q- From where I sit the scandal lets us know just how amoral and trifling Barry is. She sought a mentor and political education. I hope Barry's example is one she leaves in the gutter.

  • Q™

    Agreed Downtown Rez, but are you saying you DIDN'T know that before? or it wasn't a REMOTE possibility?

  • Downtown Rez

    Nope. I'm not saying that.
    I'm saying: Beat that drum for so long as it remains part of the band.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Donna, tell us the trth about Barry's corruption - or at least tell it to the grand jury. As for your crack about citizen journalists - you're apparently ignorant re the Huff Post & other fine journalistic websites. & WCP journalists are far better than the Post's.

    & really - what's a skanky ho like you doing talking trash about anyone. Look in the mirror, dumbass, & see a middle-aged fading one-time cute girl who's become a sleazy, two-bit hooker who's going to prison for 18-24 months.

  • dbrighthaupt

    @Angry Al - I don't think you want me to play this blog game. I'll make ya cry. The name calling does not bother me - especially when you show you only read what you wanted - and wrote what you felt. Shit I'll take the compliment that I used to be cute and leave you at that.

    For the record - I wasn't bashing your citizenry I simply found humor in it.....because I refuse to stay angry.

    So slow your road Smokin' Joe..... Keep giving your no life having opinions and continue to amuse yourself and the few who indulge in ya.

    Oh & thanks again for seeing some cute in this middleager.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Donna, you're still good-looking, & you've obviously got a good brain, so you can still find a good man. Not your ex - a good man. And please, do the right thing & give up everything you've got on Barry, get a good lawyer, & maybe you can avoid the worst consequences of being in Barry's circle - i.e., long prison terms Motley, the Bunns, Holmes, Richardson et al. are going to get.

    Good luck & keep smiling.

  • Eric Evans

    I'm no fan of Marion Barry but I believe this story misses the mark. I could care less about any love triangle dealing with Councilmen Barry. I want to read about how money is being wrongly award to sham non profits around the city. I want to read about the council plans on handling this issue.

    I throughly enjoyed last week's cover story because we learned things that I believe were more relevant than who some 70 year old man was having sex with...

  • dbrighthaupt

    @Angry Al - WOW! That is the nicest response I've read from you throughout this site! I'll hurry up and say 'note taken' and sign off before you switch up and call me all sorts of things again. ;)

    thank you sir!

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Donna, I'd ask you out but I'm not good enough for you. Marion is a friend of mine, & birds of a feather... You're definitely in the top 5% of American women & deserve a good-looking, hard-working, solid rock of a man. I'm good-looking, hard-working, rock of a man - but - not that solid. I suggest a guy like Jimmy Stewart or Sidney Portier or, for modern audiences, someone like Will Smith or Jim in The Office.

    PS I'll never switch & be mean again. I respect you.

    PPS well, back to my wild-catting - lots of lovelies here at Sequoia tonight :)

  • Q

    Angry Al you are bucking for a future WCP Cover with a Barry Love-Quadrilateral or is it up to a pentagon now.

  • The Advoc8te

    @ Donna. Keep your head up and I am so very glad you are sharing your story - it needs to be told. I find these articles interesting, relevant and most of all are hopefully putting the pressure on someone in a position of power (preferably the FBI) to finally do something about Barry! They should have raided his office weeks ago.

    Good work CP and keep it coming! This is not just "entertainment" this is the community in which I live and this type of corruption has real consequences involved.

  • dbrighthaupt

    @Q - I concur with your last sentence on another blog about ignorance left unchecked.

    @The Advoc8te - Thanks!

    @Angry Al - My most humble thanks. I noticed you named old or dead men lol. Wasn't shopping.

    You three were amongst my brutal critics. I hope my first response in that very long 3-page letter gained a little clarity over the past weeks. The power of the press is amazing and Marion and I knew it was a tool, that if used wisely could make or break you. Let me state, I never sought 5-mins of fame; I only needed to sooth my ego and prove MB's press conferences were outrageously slanderish. Had MB kept still & strategized that Sun morning after the arrest, it would never have gone this far. I'll go a step further.....

    Hours/minutes/seconds before the press conference, I called everyone under his umbrella to tell them I didn't make those charges; knocked on doors, texted, called all his religious pastors. NO ONE wanted to touch me. One person listened - DeBonis.
    It is my assessment that loyalty got him clipped.

    Willie Brown, (another Senior politican) told me to always keep 'The Prince' beside my Torah/Bible/Qur'an. "It may keep you afloat in this town."

    Prediction - (I have a large nerve predicting don't I?)-MB is a hell of a politician and as we can see will throw his mother under the bus to save himself. Those who surrounded themselves around him to shield his tale will be plucked off one by one and he will still be left leaning. Now thats a bad Machievellian(sp?) style motherhunchie.

    For 3 more years, he is still my Ward's Rep and there is a lot that I wanted to see accomplished through him. I had no intention of bringing unnecessary attention to him or me. I've still got to work with him as working against him gets Ward 8 nowhere. I know to set mile thick boundaries...and where turtlenecks <:7)

    Besides finding work _ I must continue deep apologies to my loved ones and mentors who were severely disappointed, embarrassed to know me and had such high expectations of me.

    Thanks again, Your comments are greatly appreciated.

  • Scandal

    Now back to regularly scheduled programming.

    Ms. Brighthaupt, Angry Al..enough with the "we are the world" episode.

    Brighthaupt get to the good shit. Those bammas tried to make you look as if you just flew out of the cuckoo's nest on national television. EXPOSE not only HIM, but all of THEM. This could be a lot more interesting.

    Loose Lips here are some writing prompts for you, but I believe your colleague Cherkis may need them more.

    Which male councilmember was witness to Barry attempting to assault Brighthaupt in Vegas, but turned the other cheek?

    Did wannabe mayor Michael Brown pay Barry an under the table fee for persuading Ward 7 and 8 voters (and some of 5) to vote for Brown during his bid for the independent at-large council seat?

    Two if not one of Chenille Spencer's children are actually Barry's?

    Did Vince Gray tell Barry don't worry be happy my daughter's law firm is gonna conduct the bullshit independent investigation just let me know who you want to throw under the bus and I'll make it happen. Thank you again Marion for giving me my first job in DC Government even though I ended up running human services into receivership, yet it was you Marion that swayed Ward 7 to still vote for me. So do you really think I have a chance at being mayor?

    Is Barry's ebonics director, I mean communications director doing for him what Brighthaupt wouldn't do in Denver?

    Let's loop some legal scholars in on all of this. If wrongdoing is confirmed with all of these shisty nonprofits, who is going to jail and for how long?


    Is WCP poster "Q" really Barry or Reverend Motley?

    Is it just me or doesn't Delonta Brighhaupt look like he would kill a mutha*&^% that crossed him wrong? Donna Brighthaupt go on and expose, I think Delonta has got your back covered!

  • Truth Hurts

    Scandal, I don't know you (or even agree with everything in your post), but I commend you for insightfully identifying several shady city council posers, and pointing out issues that ought to be pursued further. QUERY: Is it true that Vince "one city" Gray is having his daughter's law firm conduct the "independent" investigation? I'd not heard that. Very newsworthy if you're right. And thanks for reciting Gray's early ties to Barry and Gray's miserable performance running human services. Most people know nothing about this. Keep it coming!

  • Q

    Scandal, with the investigative tabloid-esque accusations you are making, at the very least you are living up to your name. At worst, if any of your speculation is true, we'll be hearing about this for months to come. The dead horse that we're beating should be glue by now.

    BTW, I am not affiliated with Barry in anyway. My support for him has waned and has a contingency clause. Yes, he's done wrong. However, this sex, lies, and audiotape stuff is distracting.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Q, it's not a "dead horse" - not when indictments are pending, not when prison time is looming. This is a young colt, barely able to gambol about; it will soon become a charging stallion, & will run roughshod over Barry & his criminal conspiracy to loot taxpayer money with his thugs.

    That said, I agree on the fact that the stories about Barry's flaccid & impotent sex life are irrelevant, & only serve to make people feel sorry for him. When the incident with Ms Watts-Brighthaupt first arose, I said, leave the old man alone. Then when it came out that Barry was using taxpayer money to pay his girlfriends, the entire story changed.

    oh & I agree with Scandal - Q is probably connected to Barry or Motley, maybe one of Motley's kids or maybe the young Bunn.

  • Q

    Good use of metaphors Angry Al, but last time I checked in order to have an indictment, you actually have to have a Grand Jury determine if there is enough evidence for charges. So "hold your horses" as the story of the Gray Stallion and the mare haven't led to anything more than speculation of wrongdoing. No colts or foals from the Corruption Scandal stable just yet.

    Now that you are through horsing around, understand that WCP and several bloggers are in full gallop around the backstretch with the speculation and criminal charges when this has barely become more than a simple trot. This isn't an agility drill or even 2mile race. Think of it more as a steeplechase or endurance race where obstacles have to be vaulted before an indictment or conviction is won.

    Once again, your allegations that I work for or am related to Barry/Motley are horse manure.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Nicely done with the metaphors, Q. Kudos. That's all. oh why not this - time will tell if a Trojan horse in the Barry camp turns state's evidence. Motley is the most likely, since he's clearly guilty of skimming 5% of one contract, for doing nothing but acting as a "pass through". Knowing how the Feds operate, they'll give anyone a deal in order to nail Marion. Motley can steal from his parishioners, & he can steal from DC, but when he tries to steal money that came from the Federal government, that's a horse of a different color.

    How is Motley's 5% not illegal? I'll tell you how it is illegal - Federal money comes with strings attached, & one string involves using the money for the purposes stated in the Federal disbursement of funds.

    Jan. 12, 2006: "Federal prosecutors rang up another conviction Wednesday in their probe of a scheme to skim hundreds of thousands of dollars from a huge energy-efficiency contract awarded during former New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial's tenure at City Hall. ... Michael Garnett, a subcontractor who did work under the $81 million Johnson Controls Inc. deal, pleaded guilty to misprision of a felony for knowing about crimes related to the scheme but failing to inform authorities, U.S. Attorney Jim Letten said. Garnett is the fifth subcontractor to enter a guilty plea related to the Johnson Controls contract, Letten said.

    So, you see, the Feds have a lot of arrows in their quiver - RICO, money laundering, even misprision of a felony - i.e, failing to report a felony. & then, of course, there's the IRS & tax offenses...

    And that leads us to Essita Holmes, who is also under a great deal of pressure. She's looking at disbarment & a harsher sentence, since lawyers are held to a higher standard.

    Look at the recent indictments in New Jersey. & consider the recent conviction of Council Member Martinez in New York City. We'll soon find out if the DC US Attorney's Office is as good as its northern counterparts.

    I hope you have a good distance from Marion, Q, because when the chickens come home to roost, there's going to be a lot of squawking.

  • The Advoc8te

    @Angry - Very well said!

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