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Washington Post Nails Gates React Scoop

The Washington Post's Krissah Williams has a great piece based on an interview with Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr., following his bogus arrest last week for breaking into his own home. The killer quote in this piece comes when Gates is talking about the large white police officer who entered his home and arrested him.

"I weigh 150 lbs and I'm 5' 7''. I'm going to give flack to a big white guy with a gun. I might wolf later, but I won't wolf then."

Strikes me that a little editing may be in order here: Sounds as if the second sentence in that quote needs a question mark. But priceless stuff, regardless of punctuation issues.

Anyhow, Gates is using the incident, which he quite reasonably connects with racism, to fire up some research. "I hope to make a documentary about racial profiling for PBS...[The idea] had never crossed my mind but it has now."

How did Washington Post get the first interview with Gates? Not quite sure on this end, but the self-disclosure in the Post story provides perhaps a hint:

What follows is Gates's first public account of his arrest. He spoke to The Post in an hour-long phone interview while resting on Martha's Vineyard. Gates is a founder of the, (, a Web site owned by The Washington Post Co.

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  • Downtown Rez

    Of course they nailed it:
    "Gates is a founder of the, (, a Web site owned by The Washington Post Co."

  • Elissa

    Does this first quote refer to Wolf Blitzer? Please define since the Post assumed knowledge of this term.

  • Mike Licht

    Elissa: Dr. Gates may have said "woof" rather than "wolf" -- "to say something in an ostentatious or aggressive manner but with no intention to act"
    (The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English. 2009).

  • IntangibleArts

    woof, wolf, neither one makes a damned bitto sense.

  • SarahG

    Wolf or woof = talk shit. Makes perfect sense!

  • Mike DeBonis

    Strikes me this would be related to 'sellin' wolf tickets.'

  • DCNatives

    Gates was referring 'sellin' wolf tickets, therefore it a statement not a question.

  • Elissa

    Thanks to all the William Safires out there....I usually refrain from woofin' but now I'll know what to call it when I do.

  • JackHawk

    Gates reacted like a Wealthy Privelged White man ... "
    Do you know who I am", "Who is you Boss", "This is not over". He felt he is above the law, not a victim.