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Our Morning Roundup: Auctions a Go-Go

And we thought it was interesting that the auctions for our newspaper chain and Mother Harriette's house in the Virgin Islands were announced the same week. Now it turns out the Watergate is on the block. Another coinkidink: The famous hotel is $40 million in the hole, which is roughly the same as Creative Loafing's debt after it bought the City Paper and the Chicago Reader. So Weird!

And speaking of City Paper, it's fresh in the box today, with another kickass cover starring Marion Barry. Unfortunately it does not star the phrase "You put me out in Denver 'cause I wouldn't suck your dick," but that would be overkill, doncha think? Read Mike DeBonis' ongoing scoop, complete with reax from the bossman himself.

Also new in the dead-tree: Tim Carman tells you were to get good bar food and valet parking, Dave McKenna's wondering whither the Nats? in the new D.C. sports talk, Amanda Hess details why Eckington hates battered women and their children, Aaron Leitko uncharacteristically writes the phrase "a burst of happiness," plus Fringe Fest, movies, and more!

Elsewhere in the D.C. Blogoworld:

The dog park is almost done! The dog park is almost done!

Somebody hates riding the "herky-jerky" bus but still sees the glass half-full, believing the SmartBike program is going to be something other than a funny joke.

We, too, wonder why D.C. doesn't have a llama farm. But we do NOT think the pandas are stupid.

We also wonder if the banh mi at Pho 14 in Columbia Heights are any good. Capital Spice ate like a virgin in an effort to let us know.

Still looking for the world-famous Stikman? Here's one in Dupont Circle.

Red-line rider put out by crowds "so intimately located near my personal space I feel compelled to forgo foreplay and skip right to the proposal portion of the the rail ride."

Why.i.hate.dc loses its edge, writes a post about 14th Street's "wine and furniture" district that could appear on Borderstan. Sigh.

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  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Great cover - & good to see that DeBonis is on the trail, major awards are possible for this story. & he should keep at it, b/c the other media organization are trying to leapfrog him & get ahead on the scoop.

    What about the notary, Mr. Dunn. Notaries are supposed to record ID info for each signature witnessed. So in the case of "Mercedes Wise", Mr. Dunn would have had to have recorded ID info. That is how the FBI will prove he is part of the fraud, & if he wants to protect Barry, fine, let him sit in prison for five years.

    Also, FOIA requests should be made to get DC's records on the finances of these programs, most importantly to find out how the DC gov't checks were cashed. You can't walk into a bank & cash a check for a corporation w/o having established a corporate account with signatories etc.

    PS "hey" - I get along with everyone except people who steal my money like Barry & his thugs & people who are ignorant racists [black, white, Asian, Latin, purple, Martian, etc.] or homophobes.

  • Will

    Why I Hate DC loses its edge? Is this an archive post from a year and a half ago?

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