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Marion Barry on CNN American Morning

Key line: "In those instances where you call it 'trouble,' it’s been other people who have done that."

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  • Q

    D*mn Barry, give it a rest. The word TROUBLE should be used. Barry, you are causing more TROUBLE to yourself. Lay low until this passes. Where is his lawyer? Is Barry even listening to him?

    He did set Carol straight/corrected her though, as Ms. Watts was NOT on the city payroll and No felony criminal charges for the Vista sting, just misdemeanor possession. True the Councilmembers have a budget for contracts, although I got a chuckle from the obvious term "Personal Services". Ironically, he didn't say she was unstable, but he said she was HIGHLY QUALIFIED.

    The worst part of the interview (in my opinion) was the end. Carol asked him pointedly, "Do you have any regrets?" He never answered the question, so the assumption is "No". That was perhaps Barry's opportunity to seek redemption in the viewers eyes. Something simply, like I had a few lapses in judgment would've at least given the impression that he was sorry and willfully made errors. Because he didn't, Barry blew it in the eyes of the CNN crowd. Not that he had anything to prove anyways, but if you are going to agree to an interview to "set the record straight" why not use it as a platform to deflect and silence your detractors. He did take responsibility for his tax situation. I still found it funny that he said he didn't pay on time...yep. Waiting years to file your return is considered LATE PAYMENT not AVOIDANCE or EVASION. LOL! Good ol' Barry.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Yep - Barry is already blaming Wise, Motley, Bunn, McDuffie, Richardson, McCall, Essita Holmes, Drew Hubbard, Donna Rouse, et al. These people are facing 20 years in prison on each count. They should get a good criminal defense lawyer ASAP, contact the Feds, & cut the best deal they can. The first one who deals might get to walk, but probably just 12-18 months - the holdouts might well get the full 20 years. That's 20 years for each count - a good prosecutor could work up dozens of counts; each time someone took money, that's one count. & each conspirator is guilty for the others' acts...

    & all this is for a 73-year-old man in terrible health, who probably has just a couple years left... meanwhile, these middle aged people might lose 15 or 20 years...

    & you know that the US Attorney's office here is going to go to the max to get Barry - whoever puts him away for years will be famous here & will have a great opportunity to enter politics. Nailing Barry could make a lawyer's career...

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Essita Holmes is a lawyer - she'll be a main target after Barry. She should run - not walk - to the nearest good criminal defense lawyer & try to work out a plea bargain. If anyone knows her, tell her to get help - immediately.

    Bunn will be a big target, too, & of course Motley as well. While Holmes's fingerprints are all over the frauds - drafting documents makes her a prime mover in the conspiracy - Richardson is up to her eyeballs in this one, so she's going to have to go to prison for at least ten or twelve years. Etc. etc.