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Barry Staffer Brenda Richardson Hires Attorney A. Scott Bolden

Brenda Richardson, a key staffer in Councilmember Marion Barry's constituent services office, has hired prominent D.C. attorney A. Scott Bolden. Richardson, who is listed on Barry's Web site as his Deputy Chief of Staff for Community Engagement, was identified in a recent Washington City Paper story as a key player in Barry's efforts to control various nonprofit groups that received funding through D.C. Council earmarks.

When contacted on Friday evening, Richardson referred questions to Barry spokesperson Natalie Williams. This morning, Richardson wrote Washington City Paper:

"If you have any further question, please contact my lawyer, Scott Bolden at Reed Smith..."

When reached this morning, Bolden was in no mood for "further questions."

Bolden wrote in an e-mail:

"Jason, not sure how much clearer I can be...[neither] me nor my client will be speaking with you or anyone from the City Paper. Please refrain from contacting me or my client, Ms. Richardson in the future. Any additional attempts on your part to contact us will be deemed in my view as an attempt to harass her and/or I—not an attempt to interview one of us. Thanks."

This is not the first time Bolden has stepped in to represent a member of the Barry camp. Bolden represented Barry's son after he incurred charges for assaulting a police officer. Bolden lost by a huge margin to Phil Mendelson in the 2006 Democratic primary for an at-large council seat; he ended up in a dispute over a BlackBerry bill.

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  • She’s guilty

    Nothing says "I'm guilty" like hiring A. Scott "I got pounded by Phil Mendelson" Bolden.

  • Q

    Okay, if "She's guilty" then does that exonerate Barry?

  • Wrack

    Plus, his grammar sucks balls: "an attempt to harass... I???" Bolden is such a sleazy scuzbag....

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    She should hire a criminal defense lawyer, not a politically connected one. Bolden cannot stop the investigation; the investigation will show widespread fraud on the part of Barry and many others; & all will go to prison for a long time, except the first one to rat out the others.

    Barry is guilty; Richardson is guilty; so are many others. The only question is, will Richardson take the rap & go to prison trying to protect Barry?

  • Truth Hurts

    Holy shit: All commenters nailed this one!

  • AG

    Yeah, learn how to write Bolden.

  • sharon w

    I have been harassed and threatened because of the truth. Tell it and be free B.


    Hey Jason Cherkis ,

    James Bunn and Brenda Richardson unlawfully terminated Brenda's son from the Ward 8 Business Council, her son requested a board meeting and his original contract. None of which he received. James Bunn is the executive director of the Ward 8 Business Council and the Chairman of the Congress Heights Main Streets both of which are run in the exact same building at 3119 Martin Luther King Jr Ave. SE Washington DC. Bunn is the front and Brenda runs the organization. She’s served as a board member for both organizations but was then removed when she took a position as the executive director back in August of 08 after two and a half months of work she walked away overpaid in the amount of a little over 14,000. She resigned at the request of Council Member Barry to take her current position at the Ward 8 Constituent Services office. James Bunn then reinstated Brenda as a board member for both The Ward 8 Business Council and Congress Heights Main Streets. James Bunn is misusing government funds. He's not following the grant agreement. They fear being audited and wont furnish the proper financial documents to obtain the 501(C) 3 status. Brenda Richardson is helping them to obtain the 501 (C) 3 status. Brenda is well aware of the James' misuse of government funds. James Bunn meets with Brenda Richardson every day at the constituent services building to receive instructions no decisions are made with out the help of Brenda Richardson. James Bunn lacks skills and credentials for his current position and is a key link to fraudulent bylaws and articles of incorporation. All of which were copied from the Earth Conservation Corps where Brenda Richardson was previously employed years ago. Brenda Richardson was accused of forging the signature of Robert James the Chairman of the Ward 8 Business Council in attempts to create new bylaws that favor James Bunn. Bunn transferred 7,000 dollars of his own money to cover the cost of overspending the budget. Then refunded himself once grant funds became available. He refuses to follow the government grant agreement paying himself and others as he sees fit. He's using government funds to over pay contract workers that were brought on by Brenda Richardson. He fired qualified employees to replace them with personal friends. They are paid fulltime for part time work.

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  • Furture Mayor

    Omg you all know nothing, i work with one of these people every day and Bunn nor Richardson see each other on a daily basis. It is amazing that people hate so much and make up lies on subjects they know nothing about. Shaking my head to all of you.

  • vigilant

    "James my breath peels wallpaper Bunn" is the most incompetent illiterate senior citizen I've ever met. He and Brenda Richardson need to go sit in a corner and swallow a bottle of mouthwash and leave the politics to someone who truly cares about the community. Those liars only care about fattening their own pockets and the above comment was obviously posted from someone on the payroll. POVERTY PIMPS INDEED!