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Marion Barry Is the Tree, Says Former Girlfriend. “All of Us Are the Branches.”

Chenille Spencer, once a regular ladyfriend of Marion Barry's—and a regular with him at Player's Lounge—described her connection to Barry in 2006 as "loyal." She remains so. In a phone call to Washington City Paper to "speak on the the police and the way Mr. Barry was treated," Spencer defended her former flame and current friend.

"Mr. Barry is like a tree and all of us are the branches and leaves," she says. "I am just one of the apples that never fell off." Donna Watts-Brighthaupt, the woman at the center of the latest Barry scandal, "needs to know that she has to accept certain things. She will never be able to have a public dinner with him....She needs to accept the fact that Mr. Barry is loved by reverends, bishops, friends, me....You'll never have him all to yourself."

But in speaking of Watts-Brighthaupt, Spencer got off track after prefacing her comments with: "I have nothing to say about Donna whatsoever."

Her main concern, she says, is how Barry was treated by the U.S. Park Police, who arrested and booked him for stalking Watts-Brighthaupt on the night of July 4. (The charge was later dropped by the U.S. Attorney's Office.) "When he came home from jail, he did not have any shoestrings [in his shoes]. They still have his car. They still have his cell phone....It's been a major inconvenience for him."

The ex-mayor and Ward 8 councilmember was detained for "well over an hour" and did not get home until 4:30 a.m., she says. "They took it too far. It was jut a simple domestic dispute," Spencer continues.

Watts-Brighthaupt didn't understand that and didn't understand Barry. "When you're with that man, you want him all to yourself," she says, but that's not how it is going to be. "That's just his personality."

Spencer signed off with a label previously given to her—"arm candy"—and a final message for Watts-Brighthaupt: "Tell her to come correct or don't come at all. We want a drama-free life. Believe me she is going to be scrutinized."

*Reported by Mike DeBonis. Photograph by Darrow Montgomery.

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  • AG

    Whoa. I guess she set things straight.

  • Mike Licht

    Trees? Branches?

    So that's why we have this nest of squirrels.

  • Amanda Hess

    Don't date him, girl.

  • why

    Barry is just a squirrel trying to get a nut (literally). LMAO!

  • Please

    And this comment cums from someone that worked at the Player's Lounge. Please! How many of my DC taxes dollars were spent in this establisment by Barry.

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  • Realist

    Can't take it no mo from you women!!!!! Here we go:

    Ummm Channel knock-off-

    I personally know Ms. Donna and I know for a fact that Donna could call that addicted niggar, reconcile and have you dismissed immediately. Not only that, she can have Marion fire that lame PR girl too and all yall rotted dried up branches taped to his limp tree. Donna just has that power that should have been her personal asset (I don't see how she got it either, but if she put it in a bottle, that publicized judgement would be paid by now) not to be judged by any of you no lifers who don't know what the hell you are talking about.
    But ummmmm do the following people:

    - Look back on the tax court news scenes
    - Note that Donna Karen pink suit - a little snug because of the many food outings at restaurants with a couple more stars than Pole Dancing Players Lounge, Shoes St. Johns, Shirt St. Johns, Neiman Marcus clutch
    - Not a track hair in sight (that day - sorry D)
    - Note who arrived with the man and who left with the man
    - zoom in on Ms. Arm Penny Candy
    I heard you wore some glitter disco pants tight from that greasy slop at that Players stop
    - zoom in on that boy whose hand was forced in pink suits hand for the media because Arm Candy couldn't be in that spot, who is Arm Candy's son

    Just cause one is temporarily broke doesn't mean they have to look or act like it, Diva handbook 101 reads "Broke don't equal poor or lack of class". And as a good friend and supporter of both Donna and Marion, I know for a fact she brought that niggar back from the dead and made Marion look and feel like a million bucks when he was her Arm steak.
    Channel my dear, your claims and charges above were never an issue for Diva. Donna is above you to respond and is focusing on something you'll never have - her house - so I felt the need to come down to your level. Go finish changing your boos shitty Depends and keep cleaning his house. When Donna's ready for him, she'll call him. And guess what - no guess, your as smart as a 5th grader...correct, he'll be there. Yall don't understand their relationship. Yall forget Donna was a mentee above all else and learned from the master nigga. This mess needs to go on so she can get her battle badge and move on to the next level. She has none of you cronies supporting her like you said you did when she was his item - Yall made me fly down here to let her know she has someone to at least listen until all this shit comes crystal.
    Best Believe, I and all her people probably feel as bad as you, but I ain't judging shit until I know all the facts- and since that weak Pr person read from that paper it will be a long time before we all know.

    Back to that woman I always see walking a step behind Oh yea, Channell knock-off - You're not even in this vicious game of life - stay in your dustbuster, quietly await their peace treaty so you can go back to cleaning donna's shit left at his house too. Trust me - We who love Donna don't want to see that motherfucker near her ass and you needy fake friends probably feel the same. but we can't stop grown folks from making mistakes even if it kills them. Only they know the truth and you so called branches should have allowed his roots slither on over to Donna to clear some shit instead of letting his crazy azz put yet another woman up and out there to dry.

    Check Mate? Or you want more? Bring it! Show your love....
    Because the more somebody hints they think they know them two on these shitty comment things, they are hurting Marion.

  • Obvious

    OK Camp - lets keep a tight lid on my emotions. We want to be able to eat in Ward 8 without being shunned. Lets choose to rise above this tree and fly like eagles. I know you meant well, but as Delonta's well meaning actions have done, this can open up a can of worms none of us want.

  • Grumpy

    Sounds like an excerpt from 'Pimps Up, Hoes Down'

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  • hey

    Barry's wood is rotten. I wouldn't be swinging from his tree because you might fall and break your neck.

  • bump n grind

    I wouldn't mind finding shelter under Barry's tree I bet he is hung like a race horse.

  • angry man

    it's a shame how you cant get over this old as man you need to move sure there's somebody out there who loves'll never have a healthy relationship because you cant let go of what was and deal with what is.your either with the man or your not.move on and let that other guy get a chance

  • angry man

    you want him all to yourself......are you still fucking him or what

  • angry man

    understand if you do move on,it wouldn't be the end of the world.sure things would change for you but thats life.the fucker uses you and you dont even see it.he put her out because she wouldnt suck his far do you go????