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Marion Barry Directed City Funds To Nonprofits Under His Control

Washington City Paper is reporting tonight that Councilmember Marion Barry has funneled nearly $1 million dollars in city funds to six nonprofits under the apparent control of his own staff. Barry first secured funding for the groups in June 2008. But here's the catch: This was months before the groups existed, city records show.

Furthermore, incorporation documents appear to be marred by highly irregular representations. Two supposed incorporators of multiple organizations say their signatures were forged onto the papers, and one alleged director is a person who doesn't exist. And the documents were drawn up by paid Barry staffers and notarized by a close political ally of Barry. A Barry associate closely oversees the operations of all the groups.

These actions are entirely unconnected to Barry's contractual dealings with former girlfriend Donna Watts-Brighthaupt but raise similar questions about his use of public funds.

Read the entire story on Barry's financial dealings, and his staff's involvement.

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  • Sally

    Refer matter to Inspector General and DC Auditor and demand immediate investigations.

    Get DCRA to suspend the corporate status of the supposed companies.

    Get the DC Secretary's Office to revoke the notary public's license.

    It's time for the DC government to act like it doesn't want to be a national laughingstock any more.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Barry & his associates are apparently guilty of several felonies. Prosecute them under the RICO statute, since this was obviously a group effort to steal taxpayer money.

    Earmarking for a city council - any city council, any council member in DC - is an unwise practice to allow. & giving Marion Barry the opportunity to use earmarking is like giving a pyromaniac a can of gasoline & some matches.

    People like the "What!!!" commenter show how ignorant & cowardly Barry's supporters are. What has Barry done for his constituents? Stolen their money, & used & abused people & thrown them away.

    This is a big test for the people in Anacostia & DC's black population as a whole. We're going to have white people come in here to clean up the mess Barry created - again. Black people can say what they want, but unless & until they take an interest in effective government, they look like ignorant spineless slaves. This time, however, they chose their bondage & they chose their slave master, Marion Barry.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    People like "Q" & "What" show how ignorant & cowardly most black people are. Latin people come to this country, work 80 hours a week, work work work. We get ahead. Yes, we have some bad elements & gangs, but that's about 1% of our population, & the other 99% are good hardworking people. With black people, it's about 50-50.

  • Glynis

    Here's a radical thought, let's leave race out of this. Race has always been Barry's rallying cry, let's take that away from him.

    He should be investigated--as would any politician in similar circumstances. Where he has done wrong, he should make it right. As anyone should. Anytime he raises the race card, it should be ignored.

    I don't care what color one's skin is--a jerk, is a jerk, is a jerk.

  • downtown rez

    Good call, Glynis.

  • Truth Hurts

    Agreed, Glynis.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    If you try to take race out of the Barry phenomena – i.e. the criminal syndicate led by Barry - the situation is incomprehensible. Barry built his career & his return to power on racism. Barry is already playing his race card, & his supporters are doing the same. Just read the comments from "What" & from Q.

    White people are funny. You try to leave race out of an issue, thinking that's fair. Yet on something like Barry's criminal activity, race is central to it.

    Barry could only survive in a place that is mostly black, & after he had lost the support of about one-third of the black people, he had to run from Anacostia, which is 98% black.

    White people are not the only racists. Black people are racists. Latin people are racists. Asian people are racists.

    Oh & for the fools who thought that electing Barak Obama made us a “post-racial” society – just look at what happened at the swimming pool in Pennsylvania.

    Look, when a black couple is told that a house on the market has already been sold, ignoring racism is stupid. Likewise, when black criminals drink alcohol & do drugs all night, then rob some Latin busboy who has worked 12 hours that night for $50, ignoring racism is stupid.

    Try taking the last train to Anacostia, then walking home to the other parts of DC. If you think race has nothing to do with life, then you should be fine.

    This is the real, real world – not the phony world of color-blind people & love for everyone.

  • Taye

    Bottom line is every member of the council and each dc agency practices awarding contracts. Anything under a million dollars does not have to be approved by the DC Council. They are called Human Care Agreements. David Catania especially has used his chairmanship of the Health Committee to do what Barry is alleged to have done. The entire process of awarding and review should be examined fully, because all an agency has to do is award the contract as long as it comes in at $999,000.....

  • downtown rez

    Angry Al (I'll set aside the Mad Al moniker for the moment)
    Surely you realize rule of law is the bulwark against those abuses you speak of, and just as surely you recognize Glynis is calling for that.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    You're absolutely right, Taye. We need a Federal investigation of the DC City Council, with the FBI & a special prosecutor & forensic accountants, & they should go through every single earmark of every single council member for the past eight years [or however long the sheep-citizens of DC have permitted the practice], & wherever laws were broken, prosecute & send these thieves to prison.

  • Not a Barry fan…

    Why haven’t anyone called for investigation/prosecution of Fenty’s buddy Keith Lomax and his 11 million dollar contract? You all are funny to me. Barry is giving out $450 thou and we want to put him under the jail but your mayor is giving out $11 Million and that’s hushed up. Just like its ok to keep Ghandi after his $50 million mess up. But we would rather spend another $50 mil to get Barry before we do any investigating of anything Fenty does huh? You all are too funny.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Hey "Not" - the consensus is that ALL earmarks by ALL council members & Fenty should be investigated. I'd prefer the FBI & a Federal special prosecutor. I'm sure Federal grant money went into a lot of the earmarks, so that would give jurisdiction over the whole scandal to a Federal prosecutor, independent from the local US Attorney's office, which simply wants to get Barry & leave the rest of the thieves alone.

    The "you all" you talk about is found in the people who defend Barry & the others, & so they do not want any investigation. Odds are, they will eventually win.

  • huh?

    Who knew that Angry Al was such a racist?

  • Q

    Shut this fool down...NO not Barry...Angry Al!

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  • Angry Al Gonzales

    This article/investigation is worth a Pulitzer Prize. It's Barry's Watergate - only President Ford isn't around to pardon him. If a full & fair investigation is done here, Barry and several of his co-conspirators will be convicted of several felonies & go to prison for a long, long time.

    Woodward & Bernstein. DeBonis & Cherkis. What about the movie version? Who will be the new Redford & Hoffman?

    PS Throw your "racist" attacks at true racists like Barry & Q & the others. Talking about race does not make one a "racist" - but ignoring it makes one an idiot.

    People who think that Barry's race & the race of his supporters are not key to understanding why a lowlife thug like Barry can have so many supporters are foolish. That's not reality.

  • Q

    "Not a Barry fan..." thanks for reminding folks of the hypocrisy. This is much about maligning Barry than recovering any misappropriated monies. True, Barry (by proxy of his staff) is playing the part and surely looking like the bad guy here, but we all know that it takes more than a politicians influence to get this type of stuff done. As Glynis said, ALL need to be investigated without the "race" filter.

    Barry is just the 'Fall Guy' because it is far too easy to beat up on him than take on Fenty, Thomas, Brown, or others with earmarks. Heck, roll back some of the TIF spending as these 'gifts' inhibit far more corruption than Council earmarks.

    Angry Al, I'm not a racist. I'm all for justice. Just as it was unjust for those earmarks to be inappropriately disseminated, it is just as unjust to label an entire ward of constituents.

  • huh?

    Taken from a previous Angry Al post:

    Latin people come to this country, work 80 hours a week, work work work. We get ahead. Yes, we have some bad elements & gangs, but that’s about 1% of our population, & the other 99% are good hardworking people. With black people, it’s about 50-50.

    So you're saying that calling half of all black people gangsters isn't racist? Come on. Admit it and/or apologize, or stop posting stupid shit like this. Your post isn't part of a conversation about race, it's ignorant and repulsive.

  • Q

    "huh?" thanks for pointing out his racism. I wonder if that 1% is counted based on LEGAL immigrants, MS-13 Members, illegal immigrants or all combined. In as much as he says Barry is an embarassment to the Race, likewise Angry Al is to latinos. Sotomayor must be proud of his rhetoric.

    As for this mythical 50% of Blacks that are up to no good, I'd really like to see his statistics/evidence.

  • Babs

    Angry Gonzales, how about you go back to your fuc---- country, free loader, over here getting free foodstamps and medicaid, who do you think you are talking to. asshhh.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Hi Babs! My people were here in 1540 - when did your people come? Racist bitch.

    That said, it does not matter when people come here. What matters is what they do here. Criminals should go to prison.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    The person on the "hot seat" here is Sharon Wise. She should find a good criminal defense attorney ASAP.

    Her name is all over these documents. Odds are, she'll be the first person the prosecutor looks to get.

  • Q

    Angry Al, Wise is the person making the most complaint about being cheated out of her money. Do you really think she would put herself in jeopardy of arrest just to get some token grant money back? That makes no sense.

    Much like, "My people were here in 1540." And what did they do once they got here --- they were colonizers, conquerers, culture destroyers, murderers, etc. of the NATIVE AMERICAN people. If that ain't a CRIMINAL HISTORY I don't know what is.

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  • hey

    Why can't we all JUST get along?

  • suzy

    Could the City Paper publish the names of the non-profits and the relationship to specific staff members?

    Also, I think there should be a cry from DC residents to have the DC Council publish on their web site every Council Member's earmark and why it was is now done with federal earmarks.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Suzy is brilliant! Each member should publish his earmarks & account for how the money was spent. A full accounting of each dollar is only proper & should be mandatory.

    Earmarks should be banned. However, as long as the DC city council has earmark power, strict & full oversight of each dollar is essential. Anyone who believes in "good government" should agree.

    More coverage of earmarks & Barry's apparent fraud, corruption, conspiracy, & RICO crimes please.

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  • hey

    I wish they would send some of the earmark money my way. I sure could use it.

  • sharon w

    thank you Q.