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Breaking: Watts-Brighthaupt Rejected New Barry Contract Offer On June 29

Donna Watts-Brighthaupt was presented with a sweet new deal from Councilmember Marion Barry just days before the July 4 incident. She rejected the offer, writing in an e-mail that she didn't want to sell her soul. We have the e-mails and the full narrative of her contract work.

*photo by Darrow Montgomery.

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  • pimp

    This story just won't die. Enough already.

  • cassandra

    Some days it seems like WCP is run by a bunch of little kids eager to be naughty. You want to talk about govt officials squandering taxpayer resources for personal gratification? Pay more attention to developer subsidies and public land deals. That's where the real abuse is taking place. But, hey, when you cover that you don't get to talk about sucking dick (well, except metaphorically), so it's just not as much fun. And you might have to do actual work rather than print a bunch of emails someone hands you.