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Barry Apologizes To D.C. Council During Private Meeting

According to three sources familiar with the closed-door meeting to discuss the ramifications of Marion Barry's July 4 arrest, the councilmember apologized to his colleagues. He even made sure to apologize to Councilmember Jim Graham, who was late to the meeting.

One councilmember says that Barry confessed his love for the District and said that he was sorry that he hurt the council. "It really, really seemed heartfelt," the councilmember says. "His colleagues were pretty damn pissed off at him."

"He apologized to all the members," says another source. The source added that Barry almost cried during his mea culpa.

But Barry was clear about who he would not apologize to: the public.

At least one source did not walk away satisfied with the simple "I'm sorry." "What concerns me the most is the misuse of public funds," they told City Desk. "That's a crime. He got involved romantically and then hired them. It raises some very serious allegations... I hope that Marion appreciates that it's in his interest to [cooperate with the independent investigation]."

*Additional reporting by Mike DeBonis. Photo by Darrow Montgomery.

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  • downtown rez

    So, he's sorry the bitch set him up?
    'Cause that just don't cut it. He set his own sorry ass up himeself. Again and again.

  • Jason Cherkis

    WTOP has the U.S. Park Police's arrest report:

    It's pretty amazing.

  • SDavies

    Where's the report? I see the article but no link to the document

  • Sally

    Barry's apology is as heartfelt as the voicemail apologies he left on his girlfriend's phone: I hate you. Oh, baby I love you! Come back to me. I'm done with you and don't want to ever talk to you again. I want to marry you.

    Barry's full of bullshit. Hopefully his colleagues finally comprehend that Barry will say whatever he needs to say in order to get through the day.

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  • James Brown

    It is just a matter of time before Marion Barry hangs himself. He is really a pathetic human being who thrives on the ignorance of Ward 8 voters. They deem this individual a hero. His only legacy will be the sad state of affairs of how his life ended up in the toilet.

  • AG