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Delonta Brighthaupt Responds To Barry Stalking Charge Being Dismissed

Last night, the U.S. Attorney's Office announced that it would not pursue the stalking charge against Councilmember Marion Barry. The charge stems from a July 4 incident in which Barry allegedly sought out ex-girlfriend Donna Watts-Brighthaupt in Anacostia Park. Watts-Brighthaupt was with her ex-husband Delonta Brighthaupt at the time Barry was pulled over by U.S. Park Police.

Brighthaupt is disappointed that prosecutors dropped the stalking charge against the councilmember. "They could have taken it to court to hear all sides," he tells City Desk. "I don’t like to see anybody locked up, but I’d like to see justice pursued.”

Brighthaupt says that night Barry re-entered his ex-girlfriend's home and continued to wait around for a while. Watts-Brighthaupt's neighbors confirm his account.

Neighbors interviewed say that Barry sat on Watts-Brighthaupt's front porch for a half hour. "I think I did see him that night sitting there on the porch," recalls George Dempsey, 83. "Just sitting."

Another neighbor of Watts-Brighthaupt's, Delorus Brown, 31, says she watched Barry go into his ex-girlfriend's house. She estimates that Barry was in the house for no more than 10 minutes. He then sat on the porch for a half hour. She says she saw Barry talking on his cellphone.

Brown says she took her kids over to meet Barry. The councilmember waved them off at first. Brown says that she heard Barry on his cell say: "He's not in the house."

After the phone call, Barry shook the kids' hands. Brown says Barry eventually left Watts-Brighthaupts' house and stopped his car at the end of Ridge Place in front of a home for pregnant girls. The manager of that facility confirms that he talked to the girls there, asking them how they were going to spend their July 4 holiday.

Brown says Barry then circled back to Brighthaupt's house. Eventually, Barry made his way into Anacostia Park.

Brighthaupt insists Barry wasn't merely driving home. "It wasn't just a regular ride through the park," he says. "He jumped in front of our vehicle. The police stopped him because he was driving erratically. He cuts us off. He [then stopped] and then the police stopped him."

Donna Watts-Brighthaupt has her own response to the U.S. Attorney's Office decision. Barry addressed the dropped charge at a press conference today.

*photo by Darrow Montgomery.

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  • bob mcguckin

    city desk:
    in response to the headline entitled: you put me out in denver because I wouldn't suck your dick!"
    What's wrong with Denver?Is Mrs Brighthaupt finding issue with the fair city of Denver, as well? The character and reputation of ouncil Member Marion Barry is beyond reproach. His record as Mayor of this nation's capitol city is unblemished, unassailable! We all like blowjobs! And whores too! The pretty ones, anyway. And Crack, well ... it's likely he was set up. I don't see this woman who is close to thirty five years his junior being the victim here. And this despite her former Ex assuming his best pouty and faraway victim's pose for the Paper. He equipped her with a wire! And Denver! Denver is a lovely Town!

  • pimped out

    It almost looks like he pimped out his wife to Barry in an attempt to embarrass or extort the old man

  • KCinDC

    Bob, it's about putting her out (of the hotel room), not about Denver. Denver's loveliness is not in question and not relevant to the quote. It's not "You put me {out in Denver}" but "You {put me out} {in Denver}".

  • Dave

    Yet another instance where comma usage comes up big. Where's that "Eats Shoots and Leaves" lady when you need her?

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