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Architect Behind Some of Region’s Best Midcentury Buildings Dies

Anthony F. Musolino, who designed the Bob Peck Chevrolet building (above, by Darrow Montgomery) as well as some lovely hotels and a spate of area high schools, died last week.

The Bob Peck building got torn down, to be replaced by this thing, which at least pays tribute to the dealership's iconic shape.

Some other Musolino buildings:

Langley High School, Great Falls

(photo by Patrickneil, via Wiki Commons)

Robinson Secondary School, Fairfax

The Golden Triangle Hotel in Norfolk, Va. (Now a Radisson)

I'm still looking for pictures of Fairfax High School (the 1972 building), the Strawberry Banks Inn in Hampton, Va., something called the Prosperity Center in Leesburg, Va., and the Leesburg Vo-Tech Center. If you have any, e-mail me and I'll add them to the gallery.

UPDATE 1615: Dave "Institutional Memory" McKenna IMs me to say that Fort Hunt High School, also designed by Anthony Musolino, was burned down in 1978 by three young men, one of whom was named Matthew Musolino. Weird, eh?

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  • Frank Pisani

    Tony was a friend and mentor and I am saddened to learn of his passing. We met during my stint at Fort Belvoir in the mid fifties and stayed only loosely in touch when my family and I returned to New York. Neverthgeless, I count him among a few of the very best people I have been fortunate to know.

    I learned of his illness when we last spoke about a year ago and asked if he would be up to a visit from me. He said "yes, but do it soon." I will will always regret that I didn't simply just get there.

  • downtown rez

    Langley High is in McLean.
    Didn't he also build prisons- like Lorton?

  • downtown rez

    Not Lorton... Which one?