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Gay Marriages Now Recognized in Washington, D.C.

If you're a same-sex couple married legally in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Iowa, California (in the months it was permitted), or in other countries, congratulations: The District of Columbia now considers you to be married, too.

At this minute, a 30-day congressional review period has expired, and you're now free to enjoy all the rights and responsibilities of civil marriage in the District. (That includes divorce, incidentally.)

If you're looking to celebrate, the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club tonight is hosting a "Road to Equality Happy Hour" at Halo in Dupont Circle, 6 to 9 p.m.

Now look for the real fight to begin—over performing same-sex marriages in the District. At-Large Councilmember David Catania is all but certain to introduce a bill permitting that in the fall; opponents are likely to pursue a ballot initiative, which will end up being adjudicated by the D.C. Court of Appeals.

Expect to hear a lot about the "Amtrak argument"—if all couples have to do is take a train to Connecticut or Massachusetts to get married, why not just let them marry here?

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  • BobinDC

    Where to marry is the only remaining issue. A special thanks to Councilmember for getting us here.

  • KCinDC

    Bob, you mean Councilmember Mendelson?

  • H.Jackson

    Well done D.C. Well done.

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  • BobinDC

    D'Oh. I mustn't post after midnight. Yes, Councilmember Phil Mendelson made this happen.

  • Peter Rosenstein

    Congratulations to Councilmember Catania for moving the equal rights of the GLBT community forward. It was Councilmember Catania who insisted to his colleagues that the time was right to move on this issue.

    I look forward to the Councilmember introducing a bill for full marriage equality in the District this fall.

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