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Fenty to Help Raise Money for Bloomberg

The Atlantic Coast joint fundraiser is getting to become a bit of a tradition.

On July 14, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty will travel to New York for a fundraiser for that city's chief exec, Michael Bloomberg, according to a New York Daily News report.

Also scheduled to appear is Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, N.J., who participated in a March joint fundraiser with Fenty down here in D.C.

In the Daily News item, Elizabeth Benjamin explains there's some racial/generational dynamics at play: The old-line black pols in New York have lined up behind independent Bloomberg's Democratic challenger, Bill Thompson. Bloomberg, she explains, is "targeting young black voters," considering them more likely to consider a non-Dem.

Fenty, of course, has repeatedly expressed his admiration for Bloomberg over the years as his model "big city mayor." He visited Bloomberg multiple times in New York after his election, at one point dragging members of the D.C. Council up to see his mayoral schools takeover up close. We all know what happened after that.

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  • candycane1

    WE sure do know what happened after that! TOTAL CHAOS!

  • Downtown Rez

    It'd be more fair to say the pre-existing total chaos hasn't completely abated.

  • Q

    It would be even better to say that the pre-existing chaos has been compounded to an exponential degree under Fenty/Rhee.

  • downtown rez

    That's not been my experience as a dcps parent.

  • Q

    It has been mine Downtown Rez. My parental experience started Pre-Rhee with a school stuck in "good" status (which is almost acceptable, but it could be "great"). Now it's a "good" school losing "great" teachers due to retirement (aka, "I'm getting out now before this crazy woman tries to fire me") and not having decent supply lists.

    Granted the chaos existed before, but wise DCPS parents knew how to navigate tumultuous waters and get the most out of the school and teachers. Each year, while the teachers are doing well, the murmurings of job security and fear for their livelihood doesn't go unnoticed. I'd rather have a happy teacher teaching than one who is concerned for his/her job. That type of anxiety can be passed on to the class.

  • downtown rez

    The teachers at my school seem happy, except for the ones who expect the city to provide them free parking.