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Breaking News: Scott Van Pelt Bobblehead Less Macho Than Lindsay Czarniak’s!

Earlier today the Bowie Baysox announced Scott Van Pelt Bobblehead Night.

However, apparently not anticipating the rush of bobblehead freaks that tarnished Lindsay Czarniak Bobblehead Night last year, club management will not take away fans' civil liberties on Van Pelt's big night, as they had earlier this season for Matt Wieters Collectible Figurine Night.

This disappoints us. So, in the interest of doing anything possible to get Bowie management to restore the wholly Un-American provisions (among them: "Fans will not be able to exit the stadium" while the doll giveaway took place) foisted on bobblehead freaks during MattWietersCollectibleFigurineNightGate™, City Desk has obtained an EXCLUSIVE PHOTO of THE VAN PELT BOBBLEHEAD! And, we will now publish the EXCLUSIVE PHOTO of THE VAN PELT BOBBLEHEAD!

Photo after the jump. (And answer me this: Would the Lindsay Czarniak bobblehead go all ground-and-pound on the Van Pelt bobblehead or what?)

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  • Brandon Green

    Do bobbleheads of sportscasters do much for attendance?

  • Dave McKenna

    Brandon:after talking to the bowie folks, i'd guess bobbleheads of you or me would draw the same group of freaks as a doll of any superstar. ours just wouldn't fetch as much on the resale market. well, yours might. but i bet lindsay czarniak's bobblehead would kick your bobblehead's ass, too. look at those shoulders!

  • custom bobblehead

    nice bobblehead picture thanks for sharing