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White House Again Fends Off D.C. License Plate Questions

Stop holding your breath, folks: It's become clear that President Barack Obama has absolutely no intention of putting Taxation Without Representation license plates on his limousine.

ABC News reporter Yunji de Nies got Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on the record at this afternoon's press briefing:

de Nies : On sort of a D.C. issue — and that is: What hasn't the president changed his license plate on the presidential limousine? Is he planning to change them for the "taxation without representation" plates?

GIBBS: I think rather than change the logo around the license plate, the president is committed instead to changing the status of the District of Columbia.

de Nies : But that is a symbol, though, that a lot of people look at as...

GIBBS: Right. I guess I would ask you to ask people in Washington whether they'd like to have that status changed, or that symbolism screwed onto the back of a limousine?

Thanks for that triumphal moment of political gutlessness there, Gibbsy—as though license plate vs. actual voting rights happens to be an either/or proposition. You know, ’cause your boss has done so much to "have that status changed." Sheesh—the license plate at least would have been an easy down payment.

Says WTOP's Mark Plotkin, who has long lobbied for the stamped-metal gesture, "I don't know how they could manage to insult us even more, but Gibbs managed to do it."

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  • Q

    Why bother asking him. Eleanor sold us down the river, so why should one expect President Obama not to do the same. The only person with the guts to do the tag thing was Clinton...and it was on his way OUT! He knew that Dubya wouldn't tarnish his new Presidency with some DC voting rights drivel. Nine years later, more of the same.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    The plate itself is stupid. It leaves out the most important word of the slogan - "no". No Taxation without Representation.

    That said, Pres. Obama is a centrist. Mr. Cautious. This fits in nicely with my theory - Barak O'Bama is GHW Bush's illegitimate grandson.

    1. Bush senior impregnated Obama's grandmother in a WWII one-night stand in 1944 Honolulu, while Barak's "grandfather" was off fighting in Europe after D Day. Yadda yadda yadda. Barak.
    2. Therefore, Barak is Mr. Cautious - wouldn't be prudent. & he loves Bill Gates & the rest of the old Bush crowd.

    That pussy-footer Clinton only used the plate in his last days. Like everything Clinton did, the effort was half-arsed.

  • Q

    If anything Angry Al, the predicate "is tyranny" is missing. It should read "Taxation Without Representation is Tyranny!" Unlike the colonists of the 1700's, we have a representative to "Parliament", but alas, her vote doesn't count. Nothing short of declaring DC's Independence would get the attention of "Parliament" I mean the U.S. Congress.

  • DC Resident

    Aren't we starting to get a little tired of the Obama White House and its inability to treat DC with respect. I guess a half smoke at Ben's and a little work at a soup kitchen by the Mrs. O should be enough for us.