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Our Morning Roundup: Let The Michael Jackson Idolatry Begin

Good morning, City Desk readers. Did you miss me? Dave didn't–dude told me to "bring it hard" this week, and I will. I'll start by saying all this love for Michael Jackson seems pretty fucking bizarre. Last time this guy was in the limelight, 2/3 of the country was outraged that he got away with child molestation. Now MJ kicks the bucket and all we can talk about is Off the Wall and Thriller? What about the wine? The touching? The kids-only ranch?

It's like making two of the greatest pop albums of all times sanitizes your legacy. I bet what's left of Lewis Carroll's husk is flopping around in his grave, wishing he'd played the electric lute or some shit instead of writing all those weird books about his neighbor's daughter's rabbit hole. And don't get me started on all the sanctimonious freaks on Twitter who were all like, "Why's everybody in a rush to call 'first' on MJ being dead?" BECAUSE: INTERNET.

On to the day's business.

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  • MN

    Oh oh, making fun of Tom Morello. I didn't know you guys kept a fish-filled barrel in the City Paper newsroom.

    I think you also forgot to mention that without the wicky-wicky effects, Rage had almost nothing interesting going musically. And Audioslave were terrible, really really terrible.

    But, Off The Wall was a great album.

  • Amanda Hess

    I was totally with you about the sudden Michael Jackson love. It's like now that he's dead, everyone can preserve him in their memories as a Forever Baby at whatever MJ glory moment they were most into, and forget about the extended physical/mental/creative breakdown era.

    But then you launched into the "news" and it was about Tom Morello, and I suddenly missed Michael. Thanks a lot Riggs.

  • Downtown Rez

    His collected works will be much more valuable if this image rehab is successful. Just saying.

  • Your Nightmare

    Hey Riggs,

    Shut the fuck up you racist piece of shit. And WCP, what the fuck is this libertarian asshole doing at the paper. Fuck you!

  • Andrew Beaujon

    Audioslave ruled. Seriously, I'll get coffee with anyone and make that case.

  • Mike Riggs

    My fave Morello group is Lock Up:

  • S. Kruger

    I've got to agree with "Your Nightmare." Anyone who doubts the credentials of Tom Morello and his radical art collective "Warner Music Group" is probably a just a racist.