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Not Breaking: Councilmember Wells Suspects Eastern Market Fire Was Arson

Two years after the fact, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells has gone on the record suspecting that the Eastern Market fire was arson. Wells tells the Voice of the Hill:

"'I have a tremendous amount of suspicion that it was arson,' Wells told the Voice immediately after the market reopened Friday."

Eastern Market re-opened today with the expected fanfare. Which is great. But it doesn't erase the screw-ups surrounding that massive blaze. In December 2007, we wrote a piece addressing the concerns of numerous fire fighters that the Eastern Market case was arson. Two arson investigators got bounced off their beat for making their concerns known.

It will be interesting to see what Wells does after all the celebrations this weekend. If he truly suspects foul play, what will he do about it? Will he fight for the jobs of those arson investigators? Will he hold a hearing on the fire? Will he question Fire Chief Dennis Rubin who insisted on an electrical cause for so long?

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  • just sayin

    He'll hire OJ to find the Real Arsonist. Then he'll go play golf.

  • Jason Cherkis

    OJ jokes! C'mon. You can do better than OJ jokes.

  • Q

    I'm sure Rubin isn't pleased about this announcement as this only supports Bowyer's case. I'm sure the fire hydrants in the surrounding area have been checked as well.

  • Mike Licht

    Here's more hot news about Eastern Market: free music this weekend.


  • DC Resident

    DC FEMS Chief Dennis Rubin is clueless as he stated. Rubin probably doesn’t known the Market has reopened. I’m sure Bower will be vindicated. Rubin should be FIRED immediately.

  • just sayin

    I thought it was a Wells joke. Lame either way.

  • New2DC

    Fenty and his department heads are really doing a number on city employees. While making no excuses for the fire chief actions this sort of thing seems to be a pattern with Fenty’s administration. I don't think I'll vote him again. And the fire chief to say the least doesn't seem very competent on this issue.

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