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Listen: Fire Dept. Radio Transmissions From Metro Crash

You can listen to the radio transmissions from the metro crash here. [You can also go directly to the radio calls here].The first 911 dispatcher call out is for a pretty significant all hands on deck for a derailment. There doesn't appear to be any confusion about the severity of the crash. And then there's this apparently from a firefighter later on the tape asking for help:

"I don't know if power has been cut off...I have a serious head injury."

There are no time stamps so it's hard to tell how long it took for the firefighters to report that the crash involved two trains, that it was above ground, that it was very serious. There are several calls before the mass casualty units are requested.

(Via the amazing STATter 911)

Video of the response after the jump.

Here's video:

WUSA Reporter Dave Statter notes that most of the injuries came from the older metro train car.

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