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Arrest Made in Petworth Shooting

The Washington Post has a tiny brief on the back page of today's Metro section reporting that the Metropolitan Police Department has made an arrest in Monday night's fatal shooting on Quebec Place N.W. and another in Colombia Heights last month. 

Police charged Troy Renard Thomas, 18, of the 3000 block of Third Street N.W. , with first-degree premeditated murder while armed of Ryan Randy Trotman.

Arrested in the Columbia Heights case was Robert Larry Brock, 28, of Beltsville in the shooting of Marcus Robertson on May 15. Brock was also charged with first-degree premeditated murder while armed.

The story, reported by Theola Labbé-DeBose, makes no mention that the two homicides, while apparently unrelated, are both allegedly tied to gang beefs going on in different neighborhoods.

Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham told his constituents last month that Brock was targeted for the shooting in "gang beefs that have been ongoing since the murders in Dec/Jan.  Another young adult, Paul Jones, was shot and killed by LaFonte Carlton this past January on the 1300 block of Columbia.  Carlton is now facing two murder charges," Graham reported in a May 16 post to the MPD-3D Listserv.

Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser, meanwhile, has said police are investigating Trotman's killing and another gun-related incident later that night as gang-related.

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  • neighborhood 101

    Christine- The 600 b/o Quebec is Parkview, not Petworth. Graham and the two dozen citizens at yesterday's walkthrough made a point of noting that. They also noted that the "Petworth" Metrostation is actually in Parkview.

  • Christine MacDonald

    Neighborhood 101 - I know there's a controversy here about the neighborhood. But since this shooting has already been identified as a Petworth event, I left the headline this way, so not to have readers thinking we were talking about a new shooting.

    By the way, what's up with the Metro station name then? Why didn't they call it Park View?

  • neighborhood 101

    Easier branding, I guess.
    Like Logan used to be Dupont East. And like Shaw is Logan. And like "Tivoli North" is, well, who really knows? :)

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  • GeorgiaAve

    Nice, perpetuate the mistake instead of correcting it.

    Here are some more maps of the Petworth neighbhorhood boundaries:

    A description of boundaries here:
    and here

    If you think there's any controversy over whether this happened in Petworth, find on description of Petworth that includes Quebec Place.

    And BTW, the metro stop name says Georgia Ave first...this doesn't mean it's in Petworth. The metro stop whose name includes Adams Morgan isn't in Adams Morgan, either.

  • Christine MacDonald

    Good points, Georgia Ave.

    Although, as I said yesterday, I used to live on the 700 block of Quebec Pl. and everybody said it was Petworth at the time. That might have been wrong, but that's even the way the rental ad read.

    In hind sight, though I should have said "arrest in the Quebec Place N.W. murder." But it's sooo wordy. Anyway, hind sight is hind sight.

  • neighborhood 101

    I live between GA and Sherman. You can tell who moved in when and who speaks with whom by whether they call it Pleasant Plains or Columbia Heights.
    Obviously, real estate adverts are to be taken with a grain- nay, an entire shaker- of salt.
    Just sayin'

  • Q

    Christine, yesterday I read a blog on WCP commented by well informed people regarding the true "neighborhood" designation. When questioned, about the "Petworth Violence" tag, you stated that you were not responsible for creating them but acknowledged the dispute over the name. Today, in reporting the capture of the suspect, you admit to leaving the headline the same as not to confuse readers so that they don't think it was a new shooting.

    First off, please do not assume that the READERS are too ignorant or too dumb to realize where things happen, etc. To do that assumes that only dumb people read WCP. I don't know where "keeping the headline for the sake of convenience" stands in terms of journalism, but doing so only seeks to promote more ignorance regarding the neighborhood designation and perpetuate misinformation.

    To answer your Metro Question, most station names are derived from planners and other well intentioned folk who may not have done the correct research. By mere convenience of landmarks and whatever sounds right, might've selected names they think folks can identify with. Because of the housing boon in Petworth, having a "Petworth" metro sounds convenient. However, much like your article, people infinitely knowledgable of the area protest because of the misidentification. When these suggestions are made to correct misinformation, a corporate answer is given "why they didn't or can't change it" and thus ignorance prevails.

    Petworth isn't the only example of this as each Metrorail line has this. Not only that, but Metrorail now has many examples of compound naming conventions to further confuse folks.

    Please understand that I'm not trying to berate you, but as someone who's lived and travelled in these neighborhoods...long before they were trendy and worthy of a metro name, using the correct name means a lot to folk...especially to lifelong District Residents.

    Newscasters and the WaPo makes these mistakes so frequently that it is almost seen as a sign of disrespect and totally lessens credibility in these "out of towner" journalists. Not wishing for another murder in Petworth, Parkview, Columbia Heights, etc. but please make sure you get the location right next time. Thanks.

  • Dave Jamieson

    I live in Truxton Circle, an amorphous 'hood with no clear boundaries whose namesake was destroyed a century ago. It's all very convenient. When someone hosts a wine tasting or a fondue party, hey, it's in Truxton Circle. But when someone gets shot, shit, that was up in Bloomingdale, or down in Sursum Corda. To those worried about the stigma of drug violence on their communities in Petworth or Columbia Heights or Parkview or wherever, I say come to Truxton Circle. We'll welcome you with open arms... if you can locate us!

  • sansaxGlili