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Our Morning Roundup: One Day At A Time Edition

Throughout yesterday, more details about the Metro crash were released, including the names of the nine individuals who died in Monday afternoon's accident. City Desk also reported that the train that hit the stopped train outside Fort Totten was 2 months overdue for its brake maintenance service.  The train that initiated the crash was also made up of 1000-series Metro cars, the oldest in the system.  Now the Washington Post is reporting that the driver of the train, who was killed in the crash, had activated the emergency brake on the train, but it did not stop. 

Other things are happening beyond the Red Line, of course.  Read about them after the jump.

  • James von Brunn, the crazy old man who shot and killed a security guard at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum two weeks ago, was released from George Washington University Hospital where he was recovering from retaliatory gunshot wounds.  Prosecutors say he is too weak to appear in court but hope for an appearance early next week.
  • President Obama had a busy day.  He spent the early part of the afternoon holding a press conference and condemning Iran's elections while still trying to garner support for universal health care.  Then, to prove he is the coolest dad in the nation, he hung out with Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers.  The two met with a group of diabetic children in order to raise support for diabetes research, but the reason was probably lost on Sasha and Malia.  Because when Dad hangs out with your celebrity crush, you don't really care why.
  • The governor of South Carolina is going to work tomorrow.  After leaving his office on Thursday afternoon, Mark Stanford disappeared in his SUV and supposedly went hiking along the Appalachian Trail.  People got concerned after not hearing from him for 5 days and when Sanford realized that his "vacation" had become a missing persons case, he decided to come home.
  • And finally, DCist is reporting that WaPo humorist Gene Weingarten has taken the buyout.  During an online chat today, he admitted that the Post had offered to rehire him on contract but he'd rather write books and movies.  After winning a Pulitzer, there's not much left to achieve in daily journalism.

Red Line service is still limited this morning, with trains running between Glenmont and Silver Spring and Shady Grove and Rhode Island Avenue.  No word on when total service will resume, but plan other routes.  Or comment on Prince of Petworth's post if you want to start some sort of carpool.

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  • brob

    If you had read Weingarten's chat more carefully (did you read it at all?), you probably would have caught this:

    "I'm not really going anywhere. I accepted a partial contract, and will still be writing my weekly column."

    So he's not really leaving, as your post insinuates.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Once again I was proved right, courtesy WaPo. Sanford is a flake & snapped under pressure. His political career is over, & good riddance. Has there ever been more of a phony than Sanford? No.

    As for the Red Line collision, the passengers all stated that no brakes were applied. If the operator applied the brakes, she did so at the very last moment. Two Metro trains cannot collide unless driver error is involved.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Most people are so easily distracted it's hard to believe they can finish a bowel movement, let alone a thought.

  • Q

    Angry Al, must you start this again? If the emergency brake was pressed and the train didn't stop, either there was a system malfunction, or the emergency brake was not activated correctly. In either case, Ms. McMillan made an attempt to stop the train. While this fact would quiet some, there are still a group of individuals who for no reason want to be judge, jury, and NTSB in determining that the operator is at fault. Whether she pressed it too fast or too soon, the end result is that she couldn't STOP the train and avoid the collision. Her attempt at stopping it STILL came at expense of her life and 8 addition to the 70+ injuries.

    Al, please give it a rest. No less than 10 times have you made this spiel. You aren't even angry anymore, have become simply annoying.

    WCP, I know that news is news, but can you all at least consolidate the blogs you have going on about this fatality. Seems like every reporter sans "The Sexist" is covering dimishing returns. I won't criticize anyone's writing skills but in all the blogs there have been several inaccuracies, bad links, and lousy coverage. That's not even counting the DC Government related mistakes, grandstanding, etc.

    Anyways, the families, the city, the mass transit community need to heal and reflect on the preciousness of life. Tomorrow--scratch that--today isn't promised. Take advantage of the things you can do RIGHT NOW and not delve into the fingerpointing and ways to undo current events. This is not just directed to WCP, but also to WaPo, and other reporters. The coverage over the past few days in the WCP and WaPo has been almost sensationalized and borderline macabre. If you were one of the victims, would you want your legacy to be what you blogged or reported about?