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Metro Crash Death Toll Back Up To Nine

The death toll in the metro crash went back up to nine this morning. The number rose a few hours after Fenty insisted the number was seven at the morning press conference. The Washington Post reports:

"The number of people killed in last night's deadly Red Line crash has risen to nine, Metro's general manager said this morning, shortly after five bodies were removed from the mangled wreckage...

Several of the dead were crushed, their bodies not located until a crane removed part of the striking train this morning."

Last night, three local news outlets had reported that nine had been confirmed dead. The news orgs had cited the fire department and Metro as sources. [The Fire Department refused to confirm that number late last night when City Desk called]. The Washington Post would only say the death toll was expected to rise to nine.

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  • Q

    Yet another reason why Fenty and Co. should lay off the multiple press conferences. Each time they have one, it makes DC Govt look incompetant and not apprised to all the facts.

  • Milhouse

    Actually, I heard him say 7 confirmed, but that number would "almost certainly" rise as the day progresses. But why let facts and nuance get in the way of a preconstructed narrative?